download (2)My last few days gave me some unexpected expedition & teachings of life. They unfolded the bitter truths of life from which i think we all run away. The story i am going to share with you is totally real & has just happened few days before. After this i don’t know what you guys will think about me or get my point or not but i hope this will give you some lesson that you might feel thankful for after some years.

Note : there is no humorous, horror , fictitious content in this. All those people who are expecting any kind of entertainment or joke can leave the page now.

So here we go ,

It was Tuesday morning when i left from my home to do cycling and then while coming back i saw a live accident , a girl of about 27 years was riding a white scooter (activa) , and she was newly married and i think was dropping her husband there when a guy on a motorbike , who was travelling on wrong side hit her. She was down , totally numb, bleeding & a lot injuries. He ran away from the site instead of helping her, but the people nearby and her husband who was looking that , that bike is  going to hit her but handicapped to do anything because he was far away from her , came to the site and took her to the hospital.

I came back home and just slept for a while. To overcome this all i started following my routine when my Mom called me to book tickets of Wednesday to Delhi . After doing so , i thought to read something healthy & i thought to read the newly bought book of Robin Sharma , The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. I started my book & i suddenly started liking it.It was about a lawyer who first became a top shot lawyer then fed up with his life, luxuries & Schedule left everything , even his best friend and went for some expedition around the world and suddenly after some years he came back to his friend , who was shocked to see him as he came back as a totally changed man – Physically , Mentally , Emotionally. He asks him about his journey & how these changes that gave him actual life , satisfaction , happiness, Youthfulness & a peace of mind & soul.

Next day , Wednesday after reaching to Delhi we went to Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Center where i met a women of about 64 who was subjected to some medical tests to find out what happened to her. Her reports came and doctors told that She has acute jaundice accompanied with cancer & we need to hurry up to do some more treatments to give her a last 1% chance out of 100% to survive more than 4 months.We went to inquire for the further tests & the doctors told that it may cost a lot to treat her & it is still unsure that she will survive after all these treatments.Her relatives started crying because they did not have that much money. when we came back to reception , we saw all India cancer help aid society’s donation box but i don’t know how to tell them that look here  some one needs your help because may be they see only those who look poor & we get pity on them or may be a middle class person has a fate to neither get the benefits of poor nor the rich.  Although these Information & reports were not  disclosed in front of her but she new everything. When i went to her & told her that don’t worry everything will be alright then she told me , Tell every one to not to worry about me as i am ready to go now , it’s o.k to be a patient , it’s life. I don’t know how to explain you that how does it feel to talk to a person who is about to die. And i think its even more difficult to be at her place. She was quiet , humble , smiling & Ready.Yet expecting somewhere in her heart that may be that 1 % can be 100%.

I don’t know that have i been able to tell you the actual scene or not. I don’t know how to give you the glimpses of what i saw. These days brought a lot to me & i realized what actually this life is. I learnt some biggest lessons of my life. Some of them are :

  • Life is all about death. We run from it but when death runs behind us we always loose the race and get caught.
  • There is some big reason why i am here & why we all are here.
  • We should always remember god as he is always with us because he has sent us here for some challenge that do we forget him if we get get some diversions like Luxuries , Money , fame, competition , Kids , wife , family etc. Nothing will go with us except the good deeds & the time spent with god.

For example , what will you call a kid who feels complete & happy after getting some toys , chocolates & toffees from his dad & forgetting his dad who gave him that & will also give him in future too, if he wants or can take back the given things either ???

The kid obviously is loosing the love & kindness of his father & he will recognize his mistake when in problem, when all the lure’s will be of no use he will need his dad.

  • There is a huge shortage of helping hands in this world.We should try to be one.
  • Help is required by everyone , not just by poor or handicapped or old. Never think if a person is not asking so he/she doesn’t need help. Just do it & give a smile.
  • The most important luxury of life that we can’t buy is HEALTH.
  • Don’t spoil your health because you don’t care or it’s your health and you can do anything with it because when you are sick it’s always someone there to take care of you & worrying more than you for you to get back healthy soon.So you are not just making yourself unhealthy but the people around you too.
  • Live your everyday as a journey for which you will be asked how spent. So, Do good , Improvise everyday , love everyone , hate your hatred , make people smile , be the moment of everyone , Don’t be limited , explore Your inside more than outside , remember god.
  • Don’t remember god because of his fear that he can do anything he wants but to love him for being with you always even when your family , friends , enemies are also not with you. Nurture your relation with god as a friend. Believe me He helps more than anyone could imagine either. 
  • Never feel bad when you fail because to really know the joy of being on the summit of the mountain you have to visit the lowest valley first & failure is that lowest valley. Try till you die.
  • Sometimes it’s better to stop judging events around you as good or bad , instead sometimes you should experience them, celebrate them & learn from them.
  • Every event happened to us gives us some lesson which fuel our inner as well as outer growth.
  • Law of nature: One door closed , another opens. It’s just we need to stabilize our self & try to find that other door.
  • There is nothing like Negative experience. Struggle actually gives us strength.Also , Pain is the most wonderful teacher whose teachings you never forget.
  • WE SHOULD LIVE OUR LIFE INSTEAD OF JUST PASSING IT WITHOUT THE FEAR OF DEATH & HUNGER because who has sent us here has already some plans for these two things.


  1. I love this post, it is so touching. I will bookmark this post and visit this post from time to time, this has some good messages here. I love the message that we have to spend time with God and this line “if a person is not asking so he/she doesn’t need help. Just do it & give a smile.”
    Thanks so much for the wisdom,

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  2. If you’re sensitive enough, Life does teach you many things, but very few people pause and thing about it like you did. The realization is important and that’s true only when we encounter death, do we realize the importance of life. Only when we see other people in pain, do we realize how kind God has been to us.

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  3. Your post is full of insight and truth. We do run from death, because we are afraid. The unknown of life scares us all, but when we step into it and trust, we find peace, and the meaning of life. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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  4. Really motivating!
    Life is something more than Money, Fame and Power. Its more about SATISFACTION through GOOD DEEDS.
    Talking about Death, life is actually interesting because of it…


  5. Do you mind if I quote a couple of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your weblog?
    My blog is in the very same niche as yours and my visitors would definitely benefit from some of
    the information you present here. Please let me know if this ok with you.

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