Who is better -Friends Vs Girlfriend/Boyfriend ?

So , there is no long story , no big cheats nothing. Just one straight question for all of you.


Who is better :    FRIENDS or Girlfriend/Boyfriend ?


So all of you guys and girls , I am waiting for your lovely answers …. Spit them out .. 🙂


What has been the same for years and centuries ?

Hello friends,

Day before yesterday i was watching a movie ” Tamasha”. A nice , inspiring love story. But after watching the movie i was just wondering about some more movies of past times.be45abea568f3ad2a1210f093e515ea5.jpg

This made me feel that there is something which has always been the same for years and centuries and it will be the same for years and centuries.

What is it ? Do you know ? Can you guess ?

Ok . Don’t worry i will tell you.

It is the Love between a girl and a boy.

It is the love between them , the way they meet each other , fell for each other & finally die for each other.de78a70abcddcbb8223357269cfa8943

It has always been the same thing that ‘ the boy flirts with the girl and girl flirts back , sometimes with attitude sometimes with smile, but they both first fight then sort then enjoy then love then Action then again love.

I guess this has always been this way doesn’t matter the time.


Do you agree ?

What happens when mother asks” want to marry” ?

This is the question most popular in India to a girl when she completes her Graduation & to a boy when he gets a good Job. Many of us might be familiar with this in present and many have gone through this phase of life few years ago.But almost everyone has to face it.

What ?


find-girl-play-fifa-marry-her-picYesterday while acting as if i am sleeping, i heard the conversation of my mom & dad that :-

Mom: He is 22 now.

DAD: So ?

MOM : 25 is a good age for guys to get married & till then he must be having good job also.

DAD: Hmmmmm .Don’t you think Its too early for a boy. I married you when i was 29. These are his days to do fun.

MOM: No. His fun might result into some good news which might become bad for us.

DAD: Ohhh please. He is not like that & you know it.

MOM: Ok . We will talk this later , its still 3 years left don’t worry.

DAD: Who is worrying ? . Its you .

MOM: Yes i am & it seems as if he is only my son. At least Some time You also spare time to worry for him.    (She leaves the room & my dad too)


After listening & actually enjoying this conversation i was like ok so i need to think of marriage in few coming years so its better to start finding a girl before they do.


Please ….  🙂


Hi friends , this story that I am going to share with you here is a real story of a guy that I have come through recently and I think you should listen …

NOTE : This stuff is real ,100% true and I hope you can learn a lot before trusting people after reading this.


So here we go : –

A boy who was quite rich but from childhood he saw that his mates who had an elder sister were kind of a bit more civilized and have good habits. So he always admired of an elder sister , although he had a younger sister but he still wished . Being naughty , funny and intelligent he grew up and at the age of 19 he met a girl in his summer camps who was 3-4 years elder to her ……

Story continues …..

Next is on my friends demand because the most interesting part is still remaining … ????



feedI am tired of People asking this question. I mean what we can do , what we will do, How we will do ….. All these are kind of just excuses that we discuss with each other for not doing anything . Answer me now :

HOW many of us go to help our neighbor if he is not getting a job ?

HOW many of us clean the dirty vehicles of our neighbor ?

HOW many of us give food to our neighbor if he/she is sick ?

We are always finding poor , handicap, orphans , old , people to help. Are they the only who needs help ??helping-the-needy-quote-by-john-travolta

We need to change our mind. If i am helping a handicap , physically challenged person , old , orphan, poor , homeless person or people, then i am not helping them instead , i am just getting emotional looking at them and giving them something or doing something for them because i am feeling PETTY for them.

Our Compassion … It is not in this ..  but it will be a much more worthy deed if we will try to help a person or the people in need instead of getting emotional for a small group of people and pitying on them.Yes , they can be poor, handicap ,homeless, orphan but they are not the ONLY needing help.



HOPE you guys understand what i am trying to say .. LOVE to hear your thoughts.

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“True love is not loving a perfect person but it is loving an Imperfect person Perfectly”

Today i met a person , he told me some worst things that his family member did to him, then i met my friend and i just told him what that person told me and i came to know that he told my friend the same. This made me bit worried that why is that person telling his story, that we don’t know is true or not, to every person.

May be for Sympathy ???

May be for spreading bad rumors ???

Or May be , who Knows ??? karma

Later i have forgotten it, but i came to know a story. I hope its going to help you as it did to me and you will learn from it.

One day A kindergarten teacher decided to let her class play a game.

The teacher told each child to bring along a plastic bag containing few potatoes.But the number of potatoes will be the number of people that child hates and the potato will have that persons name on it.

So obeying teacher every child brought the bag, some with few and some with more potatoes. Now the teacher told each student to carry that potatoes bag to where ever they go even at the toilet for a week.

Days after days passed by and the children’s started to complain due to unpleasant smell let out by the rotten potatoes.Besides carrying potatoes they had to carry a heavier bag to stop the smell to come out. After a week they were relieved as the game finally ended. Now the teacher asked every child that:

How did you feel while carrying the potatoes with you for a week ???stop-using-me-to-justify-your-hatred

The children’s started letting out their frustrations and started complaining of the trouble they had to go through while carrying a heavy , rotten , smelling potatoes bag to where ever they go.

Then the teacher told them that ” this is exactly the situation when we carry our hatred for somebody inside our heart “.

The stench of hatred contaminates us & our heart and we spread that contamination to where we go. So if you cannot tolerate the smell of potatoes for 1 week , then can you tolerate the same in your heart throughout your life time.. ??


MORAL : Throw away the the hatred for everyone from your heart and let god decide sometimes , so that we don’t have to carry the load of the sins of others by hating them or talking bad about them throughout our life. 

Forgiving others is the best Attitude to take ….

Love to Read your thoughts … You have any ????


hunger-slide1I never wrote poems but this made me write. We all are busy earning fame, luxuries, money. We all know the crisis this world faces yet we we don’t try to make a difference.Let’s go for my first poem. I hope you will understand it more than liking it.

It gives you life , it gives you smile,

it makes you cry for a while,

its the game of its own rules, who think they won are just fools ,

it makes us beg , it makes us a slave ,

it blows our ego , it teaches how to behave ,

it makes us king , it makes us thief ,

it makes an atheist to believe ,

we are the players of this game ,

yet the controls are not in our hand ,

i don’t know whats this game ,

but i heard it’s name , its called the Hunger Game …..

With each moment of success , with each step of glory , with each penny earned let’s try to make a difference.

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Let’s help those who couldn’t help themselves.Let’s give them a smile, Let’s give them a chance to live, let’s use at least 10% of the earnings we do to make a change. You all might just be thinking that  How ?  …. My answer is that we know better how to use our power, our savings, our abilities to make a change.

When we are committed to do something then our dedication finds the way on it’s own.

This change could be done  by donating our money to needy ,giving them our time, sharing our knowledge with them , teaching them , giving them food and a lot more ways .It’s Just such intentions are required instead of silly excuses.

I wrote this with a hope & feel that we all need a change but we should remember that the change starts with me.

Suggestions are always needed as i am still learning . Be open & speak freely. .. 🙂


“Appreciate what you have , before it turns what you had.”

Thank you !!! Thank you !!! Thank you !!!

Julia(https://myredpage.wordpress.com/) you have given me a very special moment . Its an amazing feel that i have right now .

And these are my answers to the questions by Julia :

1. Why do you blog?

I blog to share my feelings with the world and make new friends.

2. What are the first five words that describe you?

I am a Human Being. 🙂

3. What is that you always wanted but never got?

I wanted to be an astronaut or an aeronautical engineer.

4. Did you ever danced in the rain? Would you?

Yes i did a lot of times. 🙂

5. How is your perfect pizza look like?

It looks like a yumm Domino’s Double cheesse burst (veg) pizza.

6. What was the last picture you took?

I took a click of my brother eating in a restaurant and a guy standing at the back . both making an illusion of a perfect posture … hahaha 🙂

7. What is your motto in life?

To live in present , be simple & focus on what i want to do.

8. What is the best book you ever read?

The leader without a title by Robin Sharma.  Also “Can love happen twice” .

9. What is the simplest thing that makes you smile?

Delicious Food

10. Best compliment you’ve received?

By the owner of the firm i worked for that you are one of our gems … 🙂

11. What do you like about My Red Page?

I don’t like red page , i love it for being a really true one.

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Here are the nominees :











So, I do have some questions for you to answer:)

1. Why do you blog?

2. What are the first five words that describe you?

3. What is that you always wanted but never got?

4. Did you ever danced in the rain? Would you?

5. what would you like to have in breakfast?

6. who was your first crush ?

7. What is your motto in life?

8. What is the best book you ever read?

9. What is the simplest thing that makes you smile?

10. Best compliment you’ve received?

11. What do you like about My Live Smile Help?

Hope you will all enjoy this … 🙂 … lets celebrate now… 🙂

LISTEN ….. :-)

“Learn to LISTEN before you act , you will never get into a trouble”

“Every Good Conversation Starts with Good listening”

“Speaking is like telling what you already know 

but listening will give you a chance to learn what you don’t know”

Hey … today i just had an argument with my sister. She was leaving and she told me that before i leave i have to just do some tasks  like turn the t.v off, boil the milk,lock the door , etc , etc … but i just paused her and said ok i will do …. basically i didn’t listen her .When we came back at home the milk was still over gas and boiling and it was a mess in the kitchen.After that we had a fight of word’s , arguments, etc . After all this i was sad, she was sad and our parents were sad although it became alright in 2-3 hours but it gave us a moment of sadness in our day.

why did this happened ?

why we end up doing silly mistakes ?

why we always give our self some moments to be sad ?

The questions won’t end my dear. but yes the answer that would come out will be that We don’t Listen.

So my dear friends , A good leader is not only a good speaker but a good listener too.

LISTEN …   then  …THINK  … then  … ACT . 🙂


Share your views . Be Open . 🙂


“We often take for granted the things that most deserved our gratitude.”

This is for the some of my very special new friends that i have just made in past few days.

You all are awesome & will always be in my heart throughout my life. You all share a different , unique relation & bond with me and you all are equally important to me. I love you all for being awesome.

Here are these people :

1-  SARA (https://sarasc93.wordpress.com/)

2- SHERINA (https://sherinaspeaks.wordpress.com/)

3- FATIMA (https://mutafariqkhayalat.wordpress.com/)

4-  ANTONIO (https://lvingthedream.wordpress.com/)

5-  MELISSA (https://thehopefulwayfarer.wordpress.com/)

6- GABRIELA (https://itakeyouthere.wordpress.com/)

7- LINDSAY (https://lindsayj22.wordpress.com/)

8- LINDSEY (https://simplylindseyrose.wordpress.com/)

9- SCENE (https://brightlightsblankpages.wordpress.com/)

10- CAROLINA (https://nowgenerationcr.wordpress.com/)

11- LORRAINE (https://lovbugs.wordpress.com/)

12- MISS M (https://msichanamzuri.wordpress.com/)

13- TANEYA (https://taneyaburke.wordpress.com/)

14- JEEBSTERS (https://projectsassypants.wordpress.com/)

I apologize if anyone’s name got wrong. 🙂

You all are my first 14 friends i made here. No matter what age, color, gender, race, religion, country we are , we are friends and m really happy to have u all here.

Also i would love to make more friends & support the present one’s .

Kindly feedback me .. i will be glad to know your feelings too… 🙂