Who is better -Friends Vs Girlfriend/Boyfriend ?

So , there is no long story , no big cheats nothing. Just one straight question for all of you.


Who is better :    FRIENDS or Girlfriend/Boyfriend ?


So all of you guys and girls , I am waiting for your lovely answers …. Spit them out .. 🙂


What has been the same for years and centuries ?

Hello friends,

Day before yesterday i was watching a movie ” Tamasha”. A nice , inspiring love story. But after watching the movie i was just wondering about some more movies of past times.be45abea568f3ad2a1210f093e515ea5.jpg

This made me feel that there is something which has always been the same for years and centuries and it will be the same for years and centuries.

What is it ? Do you know ? Can you guess ?

Ok . Don’t worry i will tell you.

It is the Love between a girl and a boy.

It is the love between them , the way they meet each other , fell for each other & finally die for each other.de78a70abcddcbb8223357269cfa8943

It has always been the same thing that ‘ the boy flirts with the girl and girl flirts back , sometimes with attitude sometimes with smile, but they both first fight then sort then enjoy then love then Action then again love.

I guess this has always been this way doesn’t matter the time.


Do you agree ?