How to find Inspiration in Life from around you ?


Wow . A very HEAVY WORD to handle. 1

Seriously, we meet a number of people in life who say “we need to be inspired to live happily and successfully”.But one thing, they don’t tell is “HOW TO GET & STAY INSPIRED”.Well it sounds a bit tough thing to do but actually it isn’t.

INSPIRATION  basically means a feeling of being mentally stimulated to do something.

1.pngSo, it is not too tough to actually be inspired to do something in life because you just need a reason that

WHY do you want to do this?

WHAT this achievement matters to you in life ?

By answering these 2 questions, I am sure you will get your inspiration.

Being inspired helps you to stay focused on your aim & dream. Also, it gives a direction to all your thoughts and acts. 


How failure and pain in life is a MYTH ?


You must be thinking of all the times you got failed or rejected in some or the other thing. May be in studies , relation , job or at any other place. You might have felt enormous pain , not physically but emotionally and mentally at that time, as if you don’t know what to do now and the world for you has just blown.

But what now ?

After those painful days now you might have overcome it or must be overcoming.Henry-Ford-failure-quote

Have you learnt anything from it ?

Do you see any change in you because of that incident ?

These two questions have a lot in them to be told.

For example : It is seen and most of you, specially guys will agree with me that a BREAK UP from a serious relationship , specially when your lover leaves you and you bear that heavy pain and after a long fight you over come it and become a completely new MAN . You become Matured , you become very conscious about handling women and you actually learn that LIFE is not a piece of cake to just relax and eat.

I hope You agree with me ? .

So, it is a myth that there is Failure & Pain in Life because they are actually a Step towards your SUCCESS and Happiness.

PAIN in LIFE is the Best TEACHER as you never forget what it TAUGHT you.




3 reasons -Why to not eat heavy diet at night ?

Well almost everyone of us is habitual to the habit of eating late night then going to sleep after a few hours, may be 1 or 2. This happens , i know but what i was shocked to know is that why we should not eat heavy diet at night. here i will give you the 5 best reasons to avoid it. here we go :image_0.jpg

  1. It can cause ACID RE-FLUX : Have you ever suffered from unexplained post-nasal drip, cough, and difficulty in swallowing? . These could be signs of acid re-flux can occur without the telltale signs of heartburn and indigestion.Eating late at night, especially if you overeat and/or eat heavy foods, and then lying down shortly after, is a recipe for acid re-flux.
  2. Weight Gain : Eating at night has long been associated with weight gain. Years ago, nutrition pioneer Adele Davis gave her well-known advice to “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” I fear from this side effect.158757774_XS.jpg
  3. Disrupt Sleep patterns : Eating at night will disrupt the whole body cycle and will make you sleepy at unusual day times , thus leading to poor recovery and regeneration.


So i hope you guys from now will try to eat food at least 2-3 hours before the sleep and that too in less amount as it increases your health and at the end, Health is Wealth.

How to Earn Money From Blogging ?

Hello friends

Blogging is kind of art that is not in everyone but the one who has it and knows it  can’t afford to loose it. So after being a blogger for approximately an year and being enjoying it, i have decided that i will tell you the place where you can go and give your hobby a professional turn.


For most of the bloggers writing everyday is a mess because of lack of time but hose who write everyday have less money. So for those who write everyday and those who don’t i have a place where you can go and register yourself and start earning.

Here are the following two platforms where you can use your Social Networks and you presence on blogs as a source of livelihood or an extra income.




Both of these sites will ask you to register first either as an influencer or as an advertiser. You have to register yourself as an Influencer and then complete the process.

Then , there starts your journey to earn the money. However, this all depends upon what are the needs of the clients and in what way you are fulfilling them.

If you have any problem in working on them anywhere in the process , you can contact me here or on my Facebook account.

And please do mention here in the comments about the reviews of these platforms.

Who is better -Friends Vs Girlfriend/Boyfriend ?

So , there is no long story , no big cheats nothing. Just one straight question for all of you.


Who is better :    FRIENDS or Girlfriend/Boyfriend ?


So all of you guys and girls , I am waiting for your lovely answers …. Spit them out .. 🙂

What has been the same for years and centuries ?

Hello friends,

Day before yesterday i was watching a movie ” Tamasha”. A nice , inspiring love story. But after watching the movie i was just wondering about some more movies of past times.be45abea568f3ad2a1210f093e515ea5.jpg

This made me feel that there is something which has always been the same for years and centuries and it will be the same for years and centuries.

What is it ? Do you know ? Can you guess ?

Ok . Don’t worry i will tell you.

It is the Love between a girl and a boy.

It is the love between them , the way they meet each other , fell for each other & finally die for each other.de78a70abcddcbb8223357269cfa8943

It has always been the same thing that ‘ the boy flirts with the girl and girl flirts back , sometimes with attitude sometimes with smile, but they both first fight then sort then enjoy then love then Action then again love.

I guess this has always been this way doesn’t matter the time.


Do you agree ?

Can you make me smile ?

Hey friends , today although it’s very nice day here in chandigarh but i am feeling low. And i just , may be , need something good or jolly to rejuvenate my self . So i need your help and i am asking for it to all of

Will you guys help me ?

Will you guys help me in getting a smile ?

Can anybody among you out there make me smile ?


If yes, then please make it happen ???

Wake Up , Word Press is going to Shut down ?

God. What will happen now ?

what will i do now ?

How will  i survive now ?

With whom will i share my talks ?

OHHHHH GOD . Please help me out…


Don’t you think about these questions when suddenly in morning after opening your laptop you find a message in your WP account that ” Wp is Shutting down , thank you for being part of it .  ”


What will you do then ??? Will you try to stop it from shutting ? . How ?

Answer me in comments section … Lets See who gives the best answer .

The best answer will get a gift. 🙂

When You see your friends of WordPress on Facebook ?

Believe me guys the moment when you see your friends of WP suddenly on Facebook , you feel surprised but amazingly happy. As if  the connection a bit more stronger , its really good.

This is not a weird situation , you won’t feel bad because its like being familiar with a persons mind & Pen on WP and now getting a chance to see into his/her Life is actually amazing. I don’t know about others but i love doing such things. They kind of actually make me feel happy & joyous.

When i was a child i loved to read others stuff and somehow this is also a same thing but the difference is that here the other person wants us to see there stuff as it is social networking platform.

Now let me tell you the two people i found on Fb who are my friend on Wp are:

These two people are amazing and tremendous writers , if you went to there blog , you wont leave it ..

I hope that i am not the only person who has experienced this kind of situation alone , Some one among you might have also experience it before. I will be glad if you will share your views and experiences here with me .


unnamedIn accordance with my last post ‘Do you know about this great man‘ here we go with the first chapter of the famous book CHANAKYA NEETI OR POLICY.

You can read the translations as following :-


1- The chanakya policy says NOT TO:

  • give any advice to a foolish person ever
  • try taking care of a women with loose character
  • keep company of an always sad fellow

This is because doing all of them are useless.

2- A house having any of the following in them is not well suited for living:

  • An ill tempered wife with low morals
  • A wicked & deceitful friend
  • A talkative servant with impoliteness in him/her
  • A venomous snake

3- A person must save money for the bad days & anyhow, the woman must be protected even at the cost of the money saved.

4- Chanakya says that money is one of the most significant assets a man must have as it brings you the honour, support & makes you capable to deal with calamities.chanakya-niti

5- There is no point to live in a country/region where:

  • you cannot find an employment
  • you are not respected
  • you have no friends & well wishers
  • you cannot find an education

6- Do not live even for a single day on the places where you cannot find the following five:

  • a prosperous businessmen
  • a Brahmin well versed
  • soldiers
  • a river
  • a doctor

7- A man must not live in a place that has:

  • no fear of law
  • people having no shame
  • no clever men
  • no spirit of charity
  • no art

8- TEST:

  • a wife at the time when your wealth is lost
  • a friend in need
  • relatives at the time of crises
  • servant on some important mission

9- Whoever helps you at the time of illness, misfortune, famines & invasion is your true friend in real scene.

10- A person who cannot decide his goal simply cannot win in life.