How failure and pain in life is a MYTH ?


You must be thinking of all the times you got failed or rejected in some or the other thing. May be in studies , relation , job or at any other place. You might have felt enormous pain , not physically but emotionally and mentally at that time, as if you don’t know what to do now and the world for you has just blown.

But what now ?

After those painful days now you might have overcome it or must be overcoming.Henry-Ford-failure-quote

Have you learnt anything from it ?

Do you see any change in you because of that incident ?

These two questions have a lot in them to be told.

For example : It is seen and most of you, specially guys will agree with me that a BREAK UP from a serious relationship , specially when your lover leaves you and you bear that heavy pain and after a long fight you over come it and become a completely new MAN . You become Matured , you become very conscious about handling women and you actually learn that LIFE is not a piece of cake to just relax and eat.

I hope You agree with me ? .

So, it is a myth that there is Failure & Pain in Life because they are actually a Step towards your SUCCESS and Happiness.

PAIN in LIFE is the Best TEACHER as you never forget what it TAUGHT you.





How to feel confident in life ???


I think we all need confidence to do almost all the tasks in life.
Facts say there are two kind of tasks.

First for which we need a basic learning and practice due to which our brain learns to do it throughout our life like learning to write alphabets or driving a car.
The second are those which we learn actually when we do them like speaking in front of a hundred or thousand people.

To perform the first one we need confidence but not much as it needs learning power more but to perform the second one we actually need a lot of confidence.
Also we need confidence to be us , to act freely , to enjoy ourselves and to say anyone boldly that I love myself.


According to me these are some basic tips to be confident :-

1- Firstly dress properly , look good and smell good.
2- Try to be an extrovert and silence breaker when you need to talk to anyone.
3- At work focus and analyze your self before focussing & analyzing others.
4- Be fit in health & hygiene to be mentally & physically sound.
5- Eat good food. Don’t go for junk every time.
6- Believe in you yourself first to make other believe you.
7- Be uptodate in what is happening near to you and around on earth.
8- Do your homework , always , as if this is going to be your face value to others.
9- Make good and trustworthy friends and respect them. Respect your elders.
10- Always have faith in God and take him as your companion, even closer than your life partner as he helps when no one can .


If you guys have any suggestions then believe me that I am waiting for them curiously.