How to find Inspiration in Life from around you ?


Wow . A very HEAVY WORD to handle. 1

Seriously, we meet a number of people in life who say “we need to be inspired to live happily and successfully”.But one thing, they don’t tell is “HOW TO GET & STAY INSPIRED”.Well it sounds a bit tough thing to do but actually it isn’t.

INSPIRATION  basically means a feeling of being mentally stimulated to do something.

1.pngSo, it is not too tough to actually be inspired to do something in life because you just need a reason that

WHY do you want to do this?

WHAT this achievement matters to you in life ?

By answering these 2 questions, I am sure you will get your inspiration.

Being inspired helps you to stay focused on your aim & dream. Also, it gives a direction to all your thoughts and acts. 


How to Plan your Day better in 10 minutes ?

Well we all wake up every day with a zeal to do something new and adventurous in our day but when we are asked What are we going to do ? and How are we going to do ? then we all get a bit shaken and there comes the fickleness in us. We start giving funny and ridiculous ideas some of which are too imaginary and the rest need time to be done and to give time is like next to impossible because we actually don’t know that in which portion of the day are we thinking to do that thing and what are the resources and people involved. In a layman’s language if i have to say something then it would be like WE DON’T HAVE A PLAN .

It’s not the lack of time that is stopping us to do what we wish to , it’s the lack of planning that is stopping us from doing and achieving what we want to.



Here are my top Secrets to help you plan your day in just 10 minutes.

  •  This is the most important one. Sleep 15 minutes earlier to the time you usually sleep and wake up 10 minutes earlier than you usually use to. Now, After waking up and starting your regular day you have an extra 10 minutes today and so you have to use them wisely as i say. Sit down with a cup of tea / coffee / anything you like and  a NOTEPAD (the mobile notepad will work). Now before taking your first sip of the day and before texting your first message of the day, Sit erect – Close your eyes – Stop thinking everything – just avoid each and every single thought in mind – take deep breaths and feel your heartbeat for 2 minutes.Basically here we have RESTARTED our BRAIN for a fresh new start of the day.

  • Now, Just point down each and every single Important or must do tasks. Write the time at which they need to be done (approximation) and also that how much time they are going to take. So that you will have an idea to do what and when and how much time is it going to take for its completion. This will help you in giving time to people when you are not busy. Also you can join some classes or do some course during that unscheduled time. You can avoid people who will kill your time slowly – slowly which will keep your mind and work healthy and stable.1 - Make Break Fast - 9 A.M - 30 Minutes2 - Go to Office - 10 A.M - 15 Minutes 3 - Update Files - 11. A.M - 1 hour 4 - Do Cassies Projects - 12-30 - 2 hour 5 - Go to Gym - 5 P.M - 1 Hour 6 - Go to Grocery Store - 7 .png

  • The Last thing is that always keep some CUSHION time with you to do anything so that if any uncontrolled thing happens then you can just handle it in time. Also even if some very urgent piece of work has come then it is absolutely fine to reschedule your plan.

  • Always keep in mind that the main motive of Planning is to keep you state of mind healthy, keep you organized and give yourself time to do things you really wish to.

I hope you guys will definitely going to reap some good fruit from PLANNING. Although you can plan your whole week if you want and that will keep you more organized and focused towards your goals along with giving you time to have fun.


Do tell me how you find my guide.

Also tell me that do you need some more good Skill tips to perform better ? TEXT ME DOWN 🙂


How to Earn Money From Blogging ?

Hello friends

Blogging is kind of art that is not in everyone but the one who has it and knows it  can’t afford to loose it. So after being a blogger for approximately an year and being enjoying it, i have decided that i will tell you the place where you can go and give your hobby a professional turn.


For most of the bloggers writing everyday is a mess because of lack of time but hose who write everyday have less money. So for those who write everyday and those who don’t i have a place where you can go and register yourself and start earning.

Here are the following two platforms where you can use your Social Networks and you presence on blogs as a source of livelihood or an extra income.




Both of these sites will ask you to register first either as an influencer or as an advertiser. You have to register yourself as an Influencer and then complete the process.

Then , there starts your journey to earn the money. However, this all depends upon what are the needs of the clients and in what way you are fulfilling them.

If you have any problem in working on them anywhere in the process , you can contact me here or on my Facebook account.

And please do mention here in the comments about the reviews of these platforms.

Who is better -Friends Vs Girlfriend/Boyfriend ?

So , there is no long story , no big cheats nothing. Just one straight question for all of you.


Who is better :    FRIENDS or Girlfriend/Boyfriend ?


So all of you guys and girls , I am waiting for your lovely answers …. Spit them out .. 🙂

Rejection Handling

T_Rejection_1First of all my deep sympathies to all of those who have ever faced rejection.

Now let me tell you that What actually rejection is?

Rejection can be getting a NO from your Mom or Dad for going out to party, it can be getting low marks in examination, it can be getting a NO from the guy or girl you proposed to and it can also be getting not selected in some interview.Rejection.small_

So in a conclusion to above, we can say that when we are facing a refusal or dismissal to our expectation we can call it rejection.

Believe me friends to handle rejection is very important because once you get to know the way out to handle rejection then you can easily cope up with any conditions in life doesn’t matter how harsh they are.

My advice to handle the rejection is that ” Take Rejection as an another chance to perform in a much more better way “. Also if you can realize the statement that ” To enjoy the feeling of being at the highest peak you have to visit the deepest valley first” then you will get to know that ” Rejection and Pain are the best teachers in the world because the things that give you pain can never be forgotten“.


quotes-a-rejection-is-nothing_12047-0.pngSo, friends do self introspection every time you face rejection and then prepare more accordingly and hit it even harder. Success will definitely be your’s.

What do you say ?




What is Blogs Exchange Platform ?


Well hey hi all my dear friends. Hope you all are doing great in life .

Today i was thinking to do something great and i got an IDEA.

I have given a name to it. It is “BLOGS EXCHANGE PLATFORM” .

This is for all of my WP friends.

What we have to do is :

  1. Write a post and save it as draft.

  2. Decide which friend to ask for exchange.

  3. The two bloggers will then exchange there post and they will post it on there BLOG with that persons Name & Link to blog at the end.

  4. But the rule is , you can’t write Explicit , adult , Abusing and Harming or challenging content. its a fun thing , so keep it fun .

  5. We have to tell the person an hour before at least , through a message on his post that you have selected him/her and you guys can definitely start then .

  6. So LETS START ?


Wake Up , Word Press is going to Shut down ?

God. What will happen now ?

what will i do now ?

How will  i survive now ?

With whom will i share my talks ?

OHHHHH GOD . Please help me out…


Don’t you think about these questions when suddenly in morning after opening your laptop you find a message in your WP account that ” Wp is Shutting down , thank you for being part of it .  ”


What will you do then ??? Will you try to stop it from shutting ? . How ?

Answer me in comments section … Lets See who gives the best answer .

The best answer will get a gift. 🙂


He is the man who was born 1800 years before the famous economist ‘Niccolo Machiavelli’ but because his works were lost & were found in 1915 he is known as the ‘Indian  Machiavelli’.He is the great Indian economist & the writer of the very famous book of economy known as “Arthashastra”.unnamed

He is The Great CHANAKYA.Also known as Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta.

He was the one who managed the first Mauryan Emperor CHANDRAGUPTA MAURYA to rise to the power at a very young age by defeating the ALEXANDER The Great’s  GOVERNOR & his most powerful successor Seleucus I Nicator .

Chanakya Served as the chief advisor to both Chandragupta & his son.

Today we are here to discuss about the NITI’s or POLICIES that were been adopted by him.These all are written in a book called CHANAKYA NEETI which is not in English. So i will be translating the verses to make you understand easily.


We will be reading these policies in the form of chapters which will be posted very soon .


What happens when mother asks” want to marry” ?

This is the question most popular in India to a girl when she completes her Graduation & to a boy when he gets a good Job. Many of us might be familiar with this in present and many have gone through this phase of life few years ago.But almost everyone has to face it.

What ?


find-girl-play-fifa-marry-her-picYesterday while acting as if i am sleeping, i heard the conversation of my mom & dad that :-

Mom: He is 22 now.

DAD: So ?

MOM : 25 is a good age for guys to get married & till then he must be having good job also.

DAD: Hmmmmm .Don’t you think Its too early for a boy. I married you when i was 29. These are his days to do fun.

MOM: No. His fun might result into some good news which might become bad for us.

DAD: Ohhh please. He is not like that & you know it.

MOM: Ok . We will talk this later , its still 3 years left don’t worry.

DAD: Who is worrying ? . Its you .

MOM: Yes i am & it seems as if he is only my son. At least Some time You also spare time to worry for him.    (She leaves the room & my dad too)


After listening & actually enjoying this conversation i was like ok so i need to think of marriage in few coming years so its better to start finding a girl before they do.


Please ….  🙂


First of all I AM SORRY to all my friends for taking a long break and not viewing there precious writings. Also to the friends who nominated me but i , till now , have not acted on there nominations , although i accepted.I will soon be acting over them & will try to read all those stuff by my friends that has been missed by me.

I hope you all will forgive me and will be a part of our precious relation forever.