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I am very glad that you nominated me saraa.

I am very very very happy. Thank you dear.

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Facts about me :

  1. I like admiring nature and spending time in it’s lap.
  2. I like music and i like to dance on it’s beat.
  3. I love to hang out with my friends.
  4. I like reading Novels.
  5. I like spending time on internet.
  6. I like cooking and working out.
  7. I like reading Saraa’s posts and talking to her . (through her posts, fb, twitter, all of them)


My nominee’s are :


What to do when you get Mood Swings suddenly ?

01Aug2013 _ghbhkjhbn (17)Hello friends,

There are some times when we suddenly start feeling low and the whole world around us becomes sad and it feels as if everything has stopped. Well you are not the alone who feel this way. Almost everyone has felt this way a lot of times.

So here i am going to tell you some tricks to suddenly go back to normal mood.

  1. Stop thinking about everything when this happens.
  2. Start calling some very good friends and talk to them.
  3. Go out with your best friends or brother or sister.
  4. Try to talk to people or listen to some good happy mood music. This works for me.
  5. You can go for a movie too.
  6. You go out to eat some good food alone or get someone with you. Works for me all the times.
  7. In worst conditions i will suggest that you should RESTART yourself by taking a nap. So sleep for a while and after waking up , eat some good & sweet food with good music.

I hope my ideas will bring you back to normal.

If you have something to say, the space is available right below this. 🙂

Rejection Handling

T_Rejection_1First of all my deep sympathies to all of those who have ever faced rejection.

Now let me tell you that What actually rejection is?

Rejection can be getting a NO from your Mom or Dad for going out to party, it can be getting low marks in examination, it can be getting a NO from the guy or girl you proposed to and it can also be getting not selected in some interview.Rejection.small_

So in a conclusion to above, we can say that when we are facing a refusal or dismissal to our expectation we can call it rejection.

Believe me friends to handle rejection is very important because once you get to know the way out to handle rejection then you can easily cope up with any conditions in life doesn’t matter how harsh they are.

My advice to handle the rejection is that ” Take Rejection as an another chance to perform in a much more better way “. Also if you can realize the statement that ” To enjoy the feeling of being at the highest peak you have to visit the deepest valley first” then you will get to know that ” Rejection and Pain are the best teachers in the world because the things that give you pain can never be forgotten“.


quotes-a-rejection-is-nothing_12047-0.pngSo, friends do self introspection every time you face rejection and then prepare more accordingly and hit it even harder. Success will definitely be your’s.

What do you say ?




7 Ways To Be More Creative In Life

Seb Dani

Being creative means thinking out of the box, taking risks, ignoring doubts, overcoming fears and finding new soultions for every challenge life throws at you. A creative mind writes because it loves writing not because want to make good money. If they not inspired they dance in rain, they walk in nature, they sing along the songs they love.

Creative people map hunderds of routes to destination and only walk in that inovation one. The one that they enjoy and is different from all other routes.

But is creativity something that some people are born with and some other are left without it.

I truly believe each of us can be creative in their own way. The problem is many of us chose to cover it with the dust of our busy routine.

Here are some ways of being more creative in life.

1. Accept it you are creative.


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5 Ways Of Thinking Big

Seb Dani

Setting your own business it always been so many peoples dream. It’s like creating a little world, your own world, working for yourself, being your own boss.

Whilst many people do take that step and try to make it happen quite few succeed and most of them fail. There is many reasons that so many fail. ( thats for another post).

But the few that make it a success, they develop a strategy that works. They way they think and act is different from so many other people. I mean before they start they have it all in their minds. How’s going to happen, how they going to surpass problems, difficulties and overcome different obstacles in their way.

Everything grows from a single thought, the thought of thinking big.

1. Start small, think BIG.

You cant start a big company tomorrow. It’s not just the cost but let me take…

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37 Powerful Life Lessons

Seb Dani

Going through life we try to enjoy each day as it comes. There are surprises you love and suprises you wish you didn’t had to deal with. In fact we spend to much time worrying about stuff everyday.

Sometimes things just click. And it feels right. It might be the better understanding of life.

1. Love with all your heart. Love with open heart. There is a chance you would have it broken. But still open your heart and let someone in.

2. Life is about journey not about destination. Stop worring, start enjoying.

3. The people who are hardest to love need it most.

4. Happiness is an internal state of mind. Dont seek it as external status.

5. Happiness is about intensity of love, peace and laugh. It’s all in that balance.

6. Forgivness is a gift that you give to yourself.

7. Reputation is our shadow, it…

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Why We Feel Better In Nature

I think NATURE speaks in these words. .. Must read for NATURE LOVERS

Seb Dani

Nature is when you step outside of the door of your house. But there might be other houses,  streets, dust. And nature is much more than that.

Have you sat in a silence of a big forest, where the beauty of nature just smiles at you. It’s a whole different world. Silence, and the deep nice smell of trees and flowers. Yes even in winter. It’s a massive invitation to everyone out there. Hey what you doing in that busy world? Come here, relax in this great beauty of nature. Breathe  deeply,  breathe.

I really feel relaxed in nature. The whole my body and mind find the best balance ever. A great moment you dont want to miss. Silence, peace and love. Great feeling.

There is a question though: why we feel so good in nature?

1. There is No mirrors, in nature.

You stand in front of mirror and…

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TV fails.

This is what actually TV should mean and do ….

It's Me Saraa

He loves her, she loves him. They get into trouble. They break up. They find a way and get back together. And they live happily ever after. The end.

Hasn’t this got boring? aren’t you sick of this ?
Every program, every movie, every series. Love. Revenge. Fast cars. Vampires. DRAMA, DRAMA AND MORE DRAMA.

Personally… I’m sick of this.  Same story, different actors.
It’s time we watch something different. something more realistic. well, cause a car falling from an airplane is so damn realistic. Yeah, right.

But clearly, filming something real is illegal and it insults the society. the question is.. How Exactly?
Disseminating awareness is somehow illegal. Nice.

It’s about time we watch something about Syrian refugees, and what they’re going through and what Syria has been through. It’s about time we write about horrific actions taken towards the Amazon. It’s about time we spread awareness. No more…

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A Part of me.

i think this lady deserves a reading to motivate our self to not to break someone’s heart

It's Me Saraa

I thought a hundred, yet a million times, before sharing something THAT personal on my blog.
You know when you go through a tough breakup and you don’t know how to handle it ? Yeah, well i guess it’s much worse than a breakup .
There’s this “guy” that i’ve had a thing for, for the past 3 years.
We’ve been on and off for a while now.. And that’s all i can say for now.
But the thing is, i found out that, that “Guy” didn’t actually “love” me in the way that i loved him .
I don’t know if i’m making you guys confused or something. but, yes, it’s tougher and more complicated than it seems.
And the hardest part, is that i gave that person all the love i had to give, and all the passion i had to offer for a person.
it was hard…

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How to keep your self happy always ?

Are you in search of Happiness?

Are you stuck in between your Life and Work ?

Are you trying to make everyone happy but not getting successful in it ?

Are you trying to keep yourself happy and jolly at work but are not able ?


Amigo. I can help you. There is a very simple recipe to happiness wherever you are. This recipe will make not only you happy but also each and everyone around you. This will work from your Life to the Work. This will let you manage everything on time and let you have your space too. The best thing is that It works for everyone , doesn’t matter you are from which gender or what work you do or where you are or who you are. It only needs you to play your role with justice and it will keep everything under control.

hqdefault.jpgDo you know what is it ? Any guesses ?

OK. So here we are to the recipe.

The recipe of happiness is made up of 4 golden rules.



  1. Give a smile to everyone when you meet , also to your enemy and never ever think anything bad for anyone because “when we will think bad about anyone then it induces a vibe of negativity in his/her mind also which creates Stress, problems and conflicts”. So try to be neutral about people.

  2. Maintain a diary. Write the most important must do tasks of the forthcoming day in it a night before when you are going to sleep. These tasks can be from your exercise doing to office work completion. They can be any but they have to be the most important tasks without which you can’t afford to sleep the other night. Tick them as you complete them.

  3. Speak less and listen more. Speaking less will increase your thinking power and will make you understand what the other person’s opinion is. Also note any good thing or important thing that the person has said so that you don’t forget it. But do speak where you think you can’t do anything for anyone because saying no to what you can’t will never let you be at the loosing side.

  4. Fix your daily , weekly , monthly and yearly goals and resolutions and focus all your energy to them as a normal person thinks more than 50,000 thoughts a day and only 5 to 10 are about your goals but if you will be focused on your goals then these all 50,000 thoughts will be around your goals which will turn your goals into your achievements. And before leaving home and after coming back talk to each and everyone of your family members and at least one good friend you have everyday.