How to find Inspiration in Life from around you ?


Wow . A very HEAVY WORD to handle. 1

Seriously, we meet a number of people in life who say “we need to be inspired to live happily and successfully”.But one thing, they don’t tell is “HOW TO GET & STAY INSPIRED”.Well it sounds a bit tough thing to do but actually it isn’t.

INSPIRATION  basically means a feeling of being mentally stimulated to do something.

1.pngSo, it is not too tough to actually be inspired to do something in life because you just need a reason that

WHY do you want to do this?

WHAT this achievement matters to you in life ?

By answering these 2 questions, I am sure you will get your inspiration.

Being inspired helps you to stay focused on your aim & dream. Also, it gives a direction to all your thoughts and acts. 


What to do when you get Mood Swings suddenly ?

01Aug2013 _ghbhkjhbn (17)Hello friends,

There are some times when we suddenly start feeling low and the whole world around us becomes sad and it feels as if everything has stopped. Well you are not the alone who feel this way. Almost everyone has felt this way a lot of times.

So here i am going to tell you some tricks to suddenly go back to normal mood.

  1. Stop thinking about everything when this happens.
  2. Start calling some very good friends and talk to them.
  3. Go out with your best friends or brother or sister.
  4. Try to talk to people or listen to some good happy mood music. This works for me.
  5. You can go for a movie too.
  6. You go out to eat some good food alone or get someone with you. Works for me all the times.
  7. In worst conditions i will suggest that you should RESTART yourself by taking a nap. So sleep for a while and after waking up , eat some good & sweet food with good music.

I hope my ideas will bring you back to normal.

If you have something to say, the space is available right below this. 🙂


hunger-slide1I never wrote poems but this made me write. We all are busy earning fame, luxuries, money. We all know the crisis this world faces yet we we don’t try to make a difference.Let’s go for my first poem. I hope you will understand it more than liking it.

It gives you life , it gives you smile,

it makes you cry for a while,

its the game of its own rules, who think they won are just fools ,

it makes us beg , it makes us a slave ,

it blows our ego , it teaches how to behave ,

it makes us king , it makes us thief ,

it makes an atheist to believe ,

we are the players of this game ,

yet the controls are not in our hand ,

i don’t know whats this game ,

but i heard it’s name , its called the Hunger Game …..

With each moment of success , with each step of glory , with each penny earned let’s try to make a difference.

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Let’s help those who couldn’t help themselves.Let’s give them a smile, Let’s give them a chance to live, let’s use at least 10% of the earnings we do to make a change. You all might just be thinking that  How ?  …. My answer is that we know better how to use our power, our savings, our abilities to make a change.

When we are committed to do something then our dedication finds the way on it’s own.

This change could be done  by donating our money to needy ,giving them our time, sharing our knowledge with them , teaching them , giving them food and a lot more ways .It’s Just such intentions are required instead of silly excuses.

I wrote this with a hope & feel that we all need a change but we should remember that the change starts with me.

Suggestions are always needed as i am still learning . Be open & speak freely. .. 🙂


quote-about-when-you-try-to-control-everything-you-enjoy-nothing-live-in-the-momentLive in PRESENT …. That’s what most of the people say when u ask them how to stay happy .

What does that mean ? ….

Should i just stop stop thinking about what will i do after my graduation ?


Should i just stop thinking that how to give the presentation to the boss in office tomorrow ?

“Present becomes past and present a few moments before was future.”

The above line, read it aloud and think. Do this 3 times every Morning when you wake up. You will see the change in you & your way of perceiving things & situations.

Living in present means to do what ever you are doing in the best way as you can. Give your best shot. Also, sometimes it’s about performing & sometimes about preparing , so do both at your best. Example … Thinking of what i will do after my graduation will give me 2 – 3 options , however decision is pending till graduation. So this is like preparing for better results. But giving it a stress & being worried will neither let me prepare nor perform.So as a result i might get low grades in graduation and close some of my options my self because they required good grades & that i don’t have.So it means i didn’t performed.

“Happiness lies in our hand & rest the Time knows better.”

“LIFE is a coin with Good days & Bad days as it’s two  sides.”

Most people start worrying in problems. let me ask you would worry solves your problem ? . No . ? .

Then why to worry , if you believe god then just pray with a pious heart and start acting towards that problem early or late you will get out of it.

So Live In Present . Prepare .. Perform .. Stay Happy .

Hope this will help you … Be open & Suggest … 🙂