How to find Inspiration in Life from around you ?


Wow . A very HEAVY WORD to handle. 1

Seriously, we meet a number of people in life who say “we need to be inspired to live happily and successfully”.But one thing, they don’t tell is “HOW TO GET & STAY INSPIRED”.Well it sounds a bit tough thing to do but actually it isn’t.

INSPIRATION  basically means a feeling of being mentally stimulated to do something.

1.pngSo, it is not too tough to actually be inspired to do something in life because you just need a reason that

WHY do you want to do this?

WHAT this achievement matters to you in life ?

By answering these 2 questions, I am sure you will get your inspiration.

Being inspired helps you to stay focused on your aim & dream. Also, it gives a direction to all your thoughts and acts. 


How failure and pain in life is a MYTH ?


You must be thinking of all the times you got failed or rejected in some or the other thing. May be in studies , relation , job or at any other place. You might have felt enormous pain , not physically but emotionally and mentally at that time, as if you don’t know what to do now and the world for you has just blown.

But what now ?

After those painful days now you might have overcome it or must be overcoming.Henry-Ford-failure-quote

Have you learnt anything from it ?

Do you see any change in you because of that incident ?

These two questions have a lot in them to be told.

For example : It is seen and most of you, specially guys will agree with me that a BREAK UP from a serious relationship , specially when your lover leaves you and you bear that heavy pain and after a long fight you over come it and become a completely new MAN . You become Matured , you become very conscious about handling women and you actually learn that LIFE is not a piece of cake to just relax and eat.

I hope You agree with me ? .

So, it is a myth that there is Failure & Pain in Life because they are actually a Step towards your SUCCESS and Happiness.

PAIN in LIFE is the Best TEACHER as you never forget what it TAUGHT you.




How to Plan your Day better in 10 minutes ?

Well we all wake up every day with a zeal to do something new and adventurous in our day but when we are asked What are we going to do ? and How are we going to do ? then we all get a bit shaken and there comes the fickleness in us. We start giving funny and ridiculous ideas some of which are too imaginary and the rest need time to be done and to give time is like next to impossible because we actually don’t know that in which portion of the day are we thinking to do that thing and what are the resources and people involved. In a layman’s language if i have to say something then it would be like WE DON’T HAVE A PLAN .

It’s not the lack of time that is stopping us to do what we wish to , it’s the lack of planning that is stopping us from doing and achieving what we want to.



Here are my top Secrets to help you plan your day in just 10 minutes.

  •  This is the most important one. Sleep 15 minutes earlier to the time you usually sleep and wake up 10 minutes earlier than you usually use to. Now, After waking up and starting your regular day you have an extra 10 minutes today and so you have to use them wisely as i say. Sit down with a cup of tea / coffee / anything you like and  a NOTEPAD (the mobile notepad will work). Now before taking your first sip of the day and before texting your first message of the day, Sit erect – Close your eyes – Stop thinking everything – just avoid each and every single thought in mind – take deep breaths and feel your heartbeat for 2 minutes.Basically here we have RESTARTED our BRAIN for a fresh new start of the day.

  • Now, Just point down each and every single Important or must do tasks. Write the time at which they need to be done (approximation) and also that how much time they are going to take. So that you will have an idea to do what and when and how much time is it going to take for its completion. This will help you in giving time to people when you are not busy. Also you can join some classes or do some course during that unscheduled time. You can avoid people who will kill your time slowly – slowly which will keep your mind and work healthy and stable.1 - Make Break Fast - 9 A.M - 30 Minutes2 - Go to Office - 10 A.M - 15 Minutes 3 - Update Files - 11. A.M - 1 hour 4 - Do Cassies Projects - 12-30 - 2 hour 5 - Go to Gym - 5 P.M - 1 Hour 6 - Go to Grocery Store - 7 .png

  • The Last thing is that always keep some CUSHION time with you to do anything so that if any uncontrolled thing happens then you can just handle it in time. Also even if some very urgent piece of work has come then it is absolutely fine to reschedule your plan.

  • Always keep in mind that the main motive of Planning is to keep you state of mind healthy, keep you organized and give yourself time to do things you really wish to.

I hope you guys will definitely going to reap some good fruit from PLANNING. Although you can plan your whole week if you want and that will keep you more organized and focused towards your goals along with giving you time to have fun.


Do tell me how you find my guide.

Also tell me that do you need some more good Skill tips to perform better ? TEXT ME DOWN 🙂


3 reasons -Why to not eat heavy diet at night ?

Well almost everyone of us is habitual to the habit of eating late night then going to sleep after a few hours, may be 1 or 2. This happens , i know but what i was shocked to know is that why we should not eat heavy diet at night. here i will give you the 5 best reasons to avoid it. here we go :image_0.jpg

  1. It can cause ACID RE-FLUX : Have you ever suffered from unexplained post-nasal drip, cough, and difficulty in swallowing? . These could be signs of acid re-flux can occur without the telltale signs of heartburn and indigestion.Eating late at night, especially if you overeat and/or eat heavy foods, and then lying down shortly after, is a recipe for acid re-flux.
  2. Weight Gain : Eating at night has long been associated with weight gain. Years ago, nutrition pioneer Adele Davis gave her well-known advice to “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.” I fear from this side effect.158757774_XS.jpg
  3. Disrupt Sleep patterns : Eating at night will disrupt the whole body cycle and will make you sleepy at unusual day times , thus leading to poor recovery and regeneration.


So i hope you guys from now will try to eat food at least 2-3 hours before the sleep and that too in less amount as it increases your health and at the end, Health is Wealth.

How to handle a broken relationship ?

A Broken Relation – SHIP.

Almost each and every one of us has faced this in their life. It’s so common. Isn’t it ?

But our today’s issue is how to handle it and come out of this critical situation.

richardbach136009.jpgSo some of the best suggestions that i have collected from different people are here:

  1. First thing i will say is that , Don’t go into another relation just to fill that Void which has been created because it might lead you to even more messy situation.
  2. Try to do what you actually like to do , like focus on your career and try to give outstanding performance there or keep yourself busy with some or other task.
  3. Don’t ask others for liberation because there is no one who has tied you , it’s you who has tied your self to an Illusion. So it’s better to come out of it.
  4. Best thing is to face it . Face that person, face the problem and talk . If he/she doesn’t want to carry on then just let go because you cannot keep someone tied to you.
  5. Don’t keep your self alone. Try talking to people about this issue, specially your friends or any one you can trust. Keeping your self alone is just like burying the seeds of tension inside the soil of your Mind and thinking over it again and again hiding from others put water on it and slowly slowly the tree will grow and tears and pain will be the fruit which only you have to eat. So talk, don’t hesitate.0cc90318f7411f1e32a8949f14a8dd3d
  6. Eat, Sleep , Conquer and Repeat. I think you guys must be aware of this. It’s for all of us not only BROCK. you have to enjoy with yourself and just start living for yourself.
  7. Don’t ever try to harm yourself because if some one has left you then there is always some one there for you who needs you more than anyone else. That’s your Parents and your Friends. Respect there Love .


I might have missed some tips then please mention them right below. I am Waiting.


How to Earn Money From Blogging ?

Hello friends

Blogging is kind of art that is not in everyone but the one who has it and knows it  can’t afford to loose it. So after being a blogger for approximately an year and being enjoying it, i have decided that i will tell you the place where you can go and give your hobby a professional turn.


For most of the bloggers writing everyday is a mess because of lack of time but hose who write everyday have less money. So for those who write everyday and those who don’t i have a place where you can go and register yourself and start earning.

Here are the following two platforms where you can use your Social Networks and you presence on blogs as a source of livelihood or an extra income.




Both of these sites will ask you to register first either as an influencer or as an advertiser. You have to register yourself as an Influencer and then complete the process.

Then , there starts your journey to earn the money. However, this all depends upon what are the needs of the clients and in what way you are fulfilling them.

If you have any problem in working on them anywhere in the process , you can contact me here or on my Facebook account.

And please do mention here in the comments about the reviews of these platforms.

What to do when you get Mood Swings suddenly ?

01Aug2013 _ghbhkjhbn (17)Hello friends,

There are some times when we suddenly start feeling low and the whole world around us becomes sad and it feels as if everything has stopped. Well you are not the alone who feel this way. Almost everyone has felt this way a lot of times.

So here i am going to tell you some tricks to suddenly go back to normal mood.

  1. Stop thinking about everything when this happens.
  2. Start calling some very good friends and talk to them.
  3. Go out with your best friends or brother or sister.
  4. Try to talk to people or listen to some good happy mood music. This works for me.
  5. You can go for a movie too.
  6. You go out to eat some good food alone or get someone with you. Works for me all the times.
  7. In worst conditions i will suggest that you should RESTART yourself by taking a nap. So sleep for a while and after waking up , eat some good & sweet food with good music.

I hope my ideas will bring you back to normal.

If you have something to say, the space is available right below this. 🙂

Rejection Handling

T_Rejection_1First of all my deep sympathies to all of those who have ever faced rejection.

Now let me tell you that What actually rejection is?

Rejection can be getting a NO from your Mom or Dad for going out to party, it can be getting low marks in examination, it can be getting a NO from the guy or girl you proposed to and it can also be getting not selected in some interview.Rejection.small_

So in a conclusion to above, we can say that when we are facing a refusal or dismissal to our expectation we can call it rejection.

Believe me friends to handle rejection is very important because once you get to know the way out to handle rejection then you can easily cope up with any conditions in life doesn’t matter how harsh they are.

My advice to handle the rejection is that ” Take Rejection as an another chance to perform in a much more better way “. Also if you can realize the statement that ” To enjoy the feeling of being at the highest peak you have to visit the deepest valley first” then you will get to know that ” Rejection and Pain are the best teachers in the world because the things that give you pain can never be forgotten“.


quotes-a-rejection-is-nothing_12047-0.pngSo, friends do self introspection every time you face rejection and then prepare more accordingly and hit it even harder. Success will definitely be your’s.

What do you say ?




How to keep your self happy always ?

Are you in search of Happiness?

Are you stuck in between your Life and Work ?

Are you trying to make everyone happy but not getting successful in it ?

Are you trying to keep yourself happy and jolly at work but are not able ?


Amigo. I can help you. There is a very simple recipe to happiness wherever you are. This recipe will make not only you happy but also each and everyone around you. This will work from your Life to the Work. This will let you manage everything on time and let you have your space too. The best thing is that It works for everyone , doesn’t matter you are from which gender or what work you do or where you are or who you are. It only needs you to play your role with justice and it will keep everything under control.

hqdefault.jpgDo you know what is it ? Any guesses ?

OK. So here we are to the recipe.

The recipe of happiness is made up of 4 golden rules.



  1. Give a smile to everyone when you meet , also to your enemy and never ever think anything bad for anyone because “when we will think bad about anyone then it induces a vibe of negativity in his/her mind also which creates Stress, problems and conflicts”. So try to be neutral about people.

  2. Maintain a diary. Write the most important must do tasks of the forthcoming day in it a night before when you are going to sleep. These tasks can be from your exercise doing to office work completion. They can be any but they have to be the most important tasks without which you can’t afford to sleep the other night. Tick them as you complete them.

  3. Speak less and listen more. Speaking less will increase your thinking power and will make you understand what the other person’s opinion is. Also note any good thing or important thing that the person has said so that you don’t forget it. But do speak where you think you can’t do anything for anyone because saying no to what you can’t will never let you be at the loosing side.

  4. Fix your daily , weekly , monthly and yearly goals and resolutions and focus all your energy to them as a normal person thinks more than 50,000 thoughts a day and only 5 to 10 are about your goals but if you will be focused on your goals then these all 50,000 thoughts will be around your goals which will turn your goals into your achievements. And before leaving home and after coming back talk to each and everyone of your family members and at least one good friend you have everyday.


How to stay Happy ?

In past some of the days i have found out some basic tricks , which if kept in mind will keep you happy inside. It is never like any Angel is going to come in form of some human being, in case of teenagers its in form of a girl or a boy , and will make our life full of happiness. Its not like that. We need to understand that we have to keep our self happy. Others will not.

6991278562_3d1f5e19e3.jpgSo some of the few things i will suggest you from my experience are :

  1. Remain childish in some part of the day . By childish i mean do what you like and say what you want.
  2. In case of job , do that job which makes you feel like you are born for this and you definitely are going to rock the show in it.
  3. Find out your favorite pass time . Let it be anything , T.V , eating good food , exercising , watching movies, anything. Do it at least once in 2 days .
  4. Make some good friends. Let it be Same or opposite gender . But they should be good . Positive friends. Trustworthy and lovely friends.

I hope these will help you guys out ….. 🙂