Who is better -Friends Vs Girlfriend/Boyfriend ?

So , there is no long story , no big cheats nothing. Just one straight question for all of you.


Who is better :    FRIENDS or Girlfriend/Boyfriend ?


So all of you guys and girls , I am waiting for your lovely answers …. Spit them out .. 🙂


62 thoughts on “Who is better -Friends Vs Girlfriend/Boyfriend ?

      1. What makes you think you know me so you can decide if I need a boyfriend or not?
        Nobody needs a boyfriend. As I said, nobody’s gonna die without one,for one thing.
        And, that’s just bullshit. You don’t know me. So,stop assuming.-.-

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      2. There’s this Institute. It’s in collaboration with the college just next to mine. They have classes there. It’s just the basics they are gonna teach, I guess. 2 month course.:/
        But since I have always loved Spanish, I think I am gonna continue learning it somewhere else.:D
        How do you like it,by the way? You seem to be fluent. So.:P

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      3. no dear i am like you too .. i learn it just a bit few months ago. it was like 20 to 25 days .. then my interview for IAF came and i had to leave it in between .. So i am even worst than you but now i am finding a good institute in Chandigarh … And i too loved Spanish , although i don’t know why but may be in my last birth i was a spanish hunter or something like that … 🙂 XD


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