Why We Feel Better In Nature

I think NATURE speaks in these words. .. Must read for NATURE LOVERS

Seb Dani

Nature is when you step outside of the door of your house. But there might be other houses,  streets, dust. And nature is much more than that.

Have you sat in a silence of a big forest, where the beauty of nature just smiles at you. It’s a whole different world. Silence, and the deep nice smell of trees and flowers. Yes even in winter. It’s a massive invitation to everyone out there. Hey what you doing in that busy world? Come here, relax in this great beauty of nature. Breathe  deeply,  breathe.

I really feel relaxed in nature. The whole my body and mind find the best balance ever. A great moment you dont want to miss. Silence, peace and love. Great feeling.

There is a question though: why we feel so good in nature?

1. There is No mirrors, in nature.

You stand in front of mirror and…

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