TV fails.

This is what actually TV should mean and do ….

It's Me Saraa

He loves her, she loves him. They get into trouble. They break up. They find a way and get back together. And they live happily ever after. The end.

Hasn’t this got boring? aren’t you sick of this ?
Every program, every movie, every series. Love. Revenge. Fast cars. Vampires. DRAMA, DRAMA AND MORE DRAMA.

Personally… I’m sick of this.  Same story, different actors.
It’s time we watch something different. something more realistic. well, cause a car falling from an airplane is so damn realistic. Yeah, right.

But clearly, filming something real is illegal and it insults the society. the question is.. How Exactly?
Disseminating awareness is somehow illegal. Nice.

It’s about time we watch something about Syrian refugees, and what they’re going through and what Syria has been through. It’s about time we write about horrific actions taken towards the Amazon. It’s about time we spread awareness. No more…

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