A Part of me.

i think this lady deserves a reading to motivate our self to not to break someone’s heart

It's Me Saraa

I thought a hundred, yet a million times, before sharing something THAT personal on my blog.
You know when you go through a tough breakup and you don’t know how to handle it ? Yeah, well i guess it’s much worse than a breakup .
There’s this “guy” that i’ve had a thing for, for the past 3 years.
We’ve been on and off for a while now.. And that’s all i can say for now.
But the thing is, i found out that, that “Guy” didn’t actually “love” me in the way that i loved him .
I don’t know if i’m making you guys confused or something. but, yes, it’s tougher and more complicated than it seems.
And the hardest part, is that i gave that person all the love i had to give, and all the passion i had to offer for a person.
it was hard…

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