How to keep your self happy always ?

Are you in search of Happiness?

Are you stuck in between your Life and Work ?

Are you trying to make everyone happy but not getting successful in it ?

Are you trying to keep yourself happy and jolly at work but are not able ?


Amigo. I can help you. There is a very simple recipe to happiness wherever you are. This recipe will make not only you happy but also each and everyone around you. This will work from your Life to the Work. This will let you manage everything on time and let you have your space too. The best thing is that It works for everyone , doesn’t matter you are from which gender or what work you do or where you are or who you are. It only needs you to play your role with justice and it will keep everything under control.

hqdefault.jpgDo you know what is it ? Any guesses ?

OK. So here we are to the recipe.

The recipe of happiness is made up of 4 golden rules.



  1. Give a smile to everyone when you meet , also to your enemy and never ever think anything bad for anyone because “when we will think bad about anyone then it induces a vibe of negativity in his/her mind also which creates Stress, problems and conflicts”. So try to be neutral about people.

  2. Maintain a diary. Write the most important must do tasks of the forthcoming day in it a night before when you are going to sleep. These tasks can be from your exercise doing to office work completion. They can be any but they have to be the most important tasks without which you can’t afford to sleep the other night. Tick them as you complete them.

  3. Speak less and listen more. Speaking less will increase your thinking power and will make you understand what the other person’s opinion is. Also note any good thing or important thing that the person has said so that you don’t forget it. But do speak where you think you can’t do anything for anyone because saying no to what you can’t will never let you be at the loosing side.

  4. Fix your daily , weekly , monthly and yearly goals and resolutions and focus all your energy to them as a normal person thinks more than 50,000 thoughts a day and only 5 to 10 are about your goals but if you will be focused on your goals then these all 50,000 thoughts will be around your goals which will turn your goals into your achievements. And before leaving home and after coming back talk to each and everyone of your family members and at least one good friend you have everyday.



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