How to stay Happy ?

In past some of the days i have found out some basic tricks , which if kept in mind will keep you happy inside. It is never like any Angel is going to come in form of some human being, in case of teenagers its in form of a girl or a boy , and will make our life full of happiness. Its not like that. We need to understand that we have to keep our self happy. Others will not.

6991278562_3d1f5e19e3.jpgSo some of the few things i will suggest you from my experience are :

  1. Remain childish in some part of the day . By childish i mean do what you like and say what you want.
  2. In case of job , do that job which makes you feel like you are born for this and you definitely are going to rock the show in it.
  3. Find out your favorite pass time . Let it be anything , T.V , eating good food , exercising , watching movies, anything. Do it at least once in 2 days .
  4. Make some good friends. Let it be Same or opposite gender . But they should be good . Positive friends. Trustworthy and lovely friends.

I hope these will help you guys out ….. 🙂


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