what is the “3 secrets about me” contest ?

hey friends.

Today as in my post i told you that i was feeling  a bit low but then you guys helped me out and gave me a lot of suggestions and made me smile . I thank you all for that.3 csc.jpg

So now we are in the middle of a contest called ” 3 secrets about me ” contest.

Rules are :

  1. Any one can nominate any 3 persons in one post with this same image in the post.
  2. They have to tell 3 secrets that no one knows about them to us.
  3. The person in the answer post will have to again nominate 3 people.


My 3 Secrets Are :

  1. First time I bunked my class was when i was in 3 rd Standard , at the age of 8 years. My principal caught me on that day and i started crying like hell. And i got rid of everything and nobody knows it.
  2. My first crush was a girl named Parigya when i was in a convent school and i was in 5 Standard. She was amazing.
  3. The first time i kissed a girl i was in 10th standard.  I loved it.



My nominations for this are :

  • Hbhatnagar : I am glad you are my friend at WP.
  • Mon : I somehow believe that you are a girl and I am happy we are friends.
  • Seb Dani : I wish every one at WP gets a friend & supporter like you.

All the Best to you guys ..




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