Wake Up , Word Press is going to Shut down ?

God. What will happen now ?

what will i do now ?

How will  i survive now ?

With whom will i share my talks ?

OHHHHH GOD . Please help me out…


Don’t you think about these questions when suddenly in morning after opening your laptop you find a message in your WP account that ” Wp is Shutting down , thank you for being part of it .  ”


What will you do then ??? Will you try to stop it from shutting ? . How ?

Answer me in comments section … Lets See who gives the best answer .

The best answer will get a gift. 🙂


29 thoughts on “Wake Up , Word Press is going to Shut down ?

  1. lol will panic for the first couple of minutes as I furiously reread the email I received.
    Will contact them!
    Send messages to other bloggers to confirm and get them to also send messages to WP.
    Then will probably harass my family into helping me buy my domain.

    But that will suck if it happened.
    Now I am paranoid it might!!!
    See what you’ve done! lol.
    Contingency plans are taking off gotta go! Lol

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  2. omg , CAN I SHOOT YOU ?
    for a moment you had me going. i even searched if its real.
    if this ever happens ..i dont know what to say.
    like seriously.
    i can’t even put up a logical sentence, probably, i’d have a breakdown.
    of course i’d do anything to stop it.
    Wordpress is a huuuuge part of my life..

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  3. I’d cry, and then once I’ve run out of tears, I’d see if there was something I could do to save our beloved platform. If there was nothing, then I’d take my blogging passion elsewhere. I mean, I love WP and firmly believe it to be the best blogging platform, but I guess no WP would mean we’d be free to try a find a new home elsewhere…
    But it’ll never happen. WordPress is far too awesome to shut down ever!

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