When You see your friends of WordPress on Facebook ?

Believe me guys the moment when you see your friends of WP suddenly on Facebook , you feel surprised but amazingly happy. As if  the connection a bit more stronger , its really good.

This is not a weird situation , you won’t feel bad because its like being familiar with a persons mind & Pen on WP and now getting a chance to see into his/her Life is actually amazing. I don’t know about others but i love doing such things. They kind of actually make me feel happy & joyous.

When i was a child i loved to read others stuff and somehow this is also a same thing but the difference is that here the other person wants us to see there stuff as it is social networking platform.

Now let me tell you the two people i found on Fb who are my friend on Wp are:

These two people are amazing and tremendous writers , if you went to there blog , you wont leave it ..

I hope that i am not the only person who has experienced this kind of situation alone , Some one among you might have also experience it before. I will be glad if you will share your views and experiences here with me .


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