Why to Make your Passion as your Profession ?

I am writing here after approx 3 weeks and i am actually curious today to write and share my feelings with all of you. So lets come back to our topic that ” Why to make Your Passion as your Profession “ .



I am an engineer , a computer engineer by profession but frankly speaking i didn’t wanted to be. May be because i never thought to be. But when my Peers told me about this then i thought that may be its best for me and i went for the course 4 years back.

During my college time i had seen a lot of sub domains in this computer Engineering that i found interesting but when i tried them they made me feel like ” ohhh Sh ***t ” . But i didn’t stopped trying out the things. I did because i wanted to find out that what makes me happy doing and guess what i always did what i wanted but i just never realized.

It is spending time with INTERNET . That’s what i love . That’s what if i did for the rest of my life i would never feel Fucked up .549476.png

Although i have been through a lot of up’s & down’s during my Probation time to find the ultimate Passion and i have to listen a lot of Sh**T from people around but now it’s me who is the winner . I am happy.

Here are some of my experiences that will tell you that why you should Follow your passion.

  1. Your Passion will always motivate you to give the best of you because its your passion and you love to do it.

  2. You will never feel monotonous even if you have to do an extra shift because doing it never bores you , instead it rejuvenates you.

  3. Your Mind & soul will never be in stress because doing it heals you.

  4. You will feel happy and alive doing it and every day you can work with even more zeal & enthusiasm.

  5. You can easily excel in your work because it is in you , you just need to give your best shot and it will turn to be the best because the love of doing the work will turn your try into Record.

  6. You will never have to run behind anything accept your passion , it will pay off your bills easily.


If we all will instead of running just wait for a while a try to search our passion , what you are good into ? , what you really love doing ?  , then believe me my friends this world will be full of happy & successful people instead of a race course which this world has become today.


23 thoughts on “Why to Make your Passion as your Profession ?

  1. I have somewhat different views on this topic. I don’t believe in the notion of ” Making your passion, your profession”. Personally speaking, I too am an Engineer unlike you I wanted to be an engineer, but I realized this when I started my second year in it, that this was my childhood dream. My childhood dream was to be an Inventor i.e engineer things for myself and not for some corporate’s.

    Someway along this line I heard this notion too and I tried to simulate it into my thoughts, but you see the simulations failed. I came to know that if you make your passion( inventor ) , your profession (working for someone), what really happens during a long span of time is that due to the hard conditions and environment undergoing many physical and mental changes during the line, the passion get slowly deleted from the profession and only the profession remains which in turn doesn’t gives any mental or spiritual satisfaction to a person.

    So, my conclusion after years my personal research is that “If you make your passion, your profession” Profession remains and you end up losing Passion.

    Which I didn’t wanted to do

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    1. it depends upon what you want from your profession because your passion can feed your needs but not greed .. i mean in early stages you might suffer , like i do but it takes time for you because you have tried to built a new road which takes time for people to accept but it takes patience and believe that gives you success at the end ..

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  2. Hey Bhavpreet,

    I enjoyed this piece! The topic is great, I think you can’t do a profession without passion. That’s just my opinion, but I think it adds the extra bit of spunk into your work that other people might lose. I’m glad you wrote this piece, because people with passion are a dying breed I feel like. So bravo for staying alive! Haha.

    So if you didn’t want to be an engineer, then what did you want to be?

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    1. i must say you asked a really interesting question … I want to be a good and ever improving Digital Marketing Specialist .. I love Spending time on Internet .. And these days i am doing an internship of it. Hope to be in market soon … 🙂

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  3. Reblogged this on The Daily Quote and commented:
    If we could all make our passion our profession, we would never truly “work’ a day in our lives. Unfortunately, so many of us from different backgrounds & social statuses are pushed or pulled into different directions before we can really even develop an idea of, or explore what our passion might be. Mom & Dad want little their little girl to be a Doctor. This young man is pressured into following his Dad’s footsteps in sales. I think the key is in today’s generations of parents. Being more open-minded to their childrens’ talents & desires, & helping them become aware of them WHILE they get the education or training their parents so hope for. They might just find that they can save a TON of money on college expenses or heartache from having their child go off into the military if they would only pay attention to what their CHILD wants to do with their life.


  4. I’m like in a crises.. I identify something as my passion, but people just don’t agree to it.. So, I begin doubting myself.. And now, I end up having no future. Seriously the topic just fits into my scenario, yet I can’t shed more light on it myself. As the cliche goes, “Easier said than done”.

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    1. I can help you out … Its sometime like ” har cheez ka sahi waqt hota hai ” .. So if today nobody favors you doesn’t matter you do what you think is correct but keep the light of your passion burning and don’t leave doing it , when you will be independent then you can go for your Passion because at that time you wont have to answer anyone

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