unnamedIn accordance with my last post ‘Do you know about this great man‘ here we go with the first chapter of the famous book CHANAKYA NEETI OR POLICY.

You can read the translations as following :-


1- The chanakya policy says NOT TO:

  • give any advice to a foolish person ever
  • try taking care of a women with loose character
  • keep company of an always sad fellow

This is because doing all of them are useless.

2- A house having any of the following in them is not well suited for living:

  • An ill tempered wife with low morals
  • A wicked & deceitful friend
  • A talkative servant with impoliteness in him/her
  • A venomous snake

3- A person must save money for the bad days & anyhow, the woman must be protected even at the cost of the money saved.

4- Chanakya says that money is one of the most significant assets a man must have as it brings you the honour, support & makes you capable to deal with calamities.chanakya-niti

5- There is no point to live in a country/region where:

  • you cannot find an employment
  • you are not respected
  • you have no friends & well wishers
  • you cannot find an education

6- Do not live even for a single day on the places where you cannot find the following five:

  • a prosperous businessmen
  • a Brahmin well versed
  • soldiers
  • a river
  • a doctor

7- A man must not live in a place that has:

  • no fear of law
  • people having no shame
  • no clever men
  • no spirit of charity
  • no art

8- TEST:

  • a wife at the time when your wealth is lost
  • a friend in need
  • relatives at the time of crises
  • servant on some important mission

9- Whoever helps you at the time of illness, misfortune, famines & invasion is your true friend in real scene.

10- A person who cannot decide his goal simply cannot win in life.


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