How Alcohol Helps To People Relax In Life ?


First of all ‘ I AM NOT A DRINKER ‘. I have never even tasted it till now & neither i wish to.Yet,i don’t feel that drinking is a bad habit.

But Of course ‘Regular drinking is a bad habit’.

For example:- If you are drinking everyday even 30 ml then also you are spoiling your body as well as mind also you might end up in becoming a hardcore drinker who is obsessed about drinking, who can’t sleep if doesn’t gets it for once a day & specially at night.New_GivingUpAlcohol-02

So lets come to our discussion that how does alcohol helps people.

Let me tell you that when i am talking about alcohol here it can refer to any kind (BEER, VODKA, RUM, WHISKY,WINE,etc) and any Brand.

As we have discussed that there are 2 kinds of people who drink:-

1- Who drink Regularly: It is sub divided into 2 categories. Who drink like hell & who drink up to some extent only.

2- Who do not drink regularly: It is also sub divided into 2 categories. Who drink like hell & who drink up to some            extent  only.

What does alcohol do to us to make us feel good ?

Researchers  say that it triggers the release of endorphins (Happiness causing secretion), which is simple and logical.

1bc9696569a06b1ae2bdff465f8e71fcA person who is having stress, tensions, worries feels good when a sigh of relief & pleasant feeling comes into his mind which makes him feel light & Neutrally happy.The people who fall into the Second category’s Second Sub Category drinkers are considered the best because:

Drinking alcohol makes our body processes slow down & increases the reaction time & understanding time , which on daily basis can be harmful for us as well as others belonging to us.

And these kind of drinkers drink occasionally or at weekends which keeps there all other work on time and also gives them Relaxing & Pleasant feeling when they drink & gives them a better sleep & prepares them for another week of life.


4 thoughts on “How Alcohol Helps To People Relax In Life ?

  1. Alcohol CAN cause us to be more comfortable but it can also accuse us to lose all inhibitions! That can be bad or good. My final thought is alcohol is innocent. It is the state of mind that we are in when we during that has the true effects.

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    1. There is a saying in Hindi which I will translate for you is ‘ If the quality of making high is in alcohol then the bottle containing it would be the first one to get high …


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