How Health Is Wealth ?

While reading some of the old newspapers early morning i struck to a page displaying some tips regarding health.There was an article also of Mr Anil Ambani in which he said that

” Once my father told me that i can buy all the luxuries in my life but Health is what no one can afford , once lost”.

Health-Quotes-6According to me Food , Shelter & Security in all aspects are the basic needs in our life and all of these come with Money. But sometimes in the pace to earn a lot more than our need sometimes we forget to give a thought to our self .

We forget to give a thought to these questions:-

1- How do i look like now and an year ago ?

2- Can still play a football or cricket match efficiently the way i used to ?

3- Can i still Spare time and go to Swimming or Jogging or cycling the way i used to ?

4- Do i still spare time to listen my favorite songs or watch my favorite movie again &                     again?

5- Do i still spare time to hang out with my friends the way i used to ?

6- Do i still care for My Self the way i used to ?

The answers to these questions will clear all the doubts that where we stand today & what we have.

This is because in earning more & more we have just left Our Self some where down inside the heart very alone and deprived who wishes to do a lot of things , who wishes to be him self but just can’t because his greed has overburdened him so much that he feels covered with a sheet of responsibilities & commitments all around.


This is my urge to all of you that Please spare time for your self.

Self satisfaction is what is necessary to be happy.

In A Healthy Body Rests A Healthy Soul.

So go out Run, Swim, Play , Read, Hang Out, and Be happy because being 35 or 40 or 45 or 50 doesn’t means you have lost your rights to live.

Ultimately Its Who we are is getting reflected to the world So lets be a better one to make this world a better place.


3 thoughts on “How Health Is Wealth ?

  1. I really enjoy your blog as well! I like how you use lots of pictures within the text and you even included gifs which is nice. I really have that I would suggest doing differently. The only thing I can think of would be to maybe use a little more color in the theme of your page. But, in my opinion, it’s really good just how it is now. 🙂

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