I was absent here from past many days . I feel I missed some things that were important but I was busy in establishing  myself so was not able to be here.


Now let’s proceed towards the story .

Last week I Went to Allahabad , India. There I booked my room online to relax a bit . After reaching hotel the receptionist called a guy named PRAVEEN and told him to take me to the room. On my way to the room along with PRAVEEN I just tried to be a bit friendly as he seems to be of my age , near about 21 , and I found he was very genuine , hardworking and optimist human being . He went out of the limits and did some work for me. Finally I was having my dinner when he came to me and asked ” Do you need anything sir ? ” . I told him I don’t need anything but if he can bring the desert to my room . he said of course.

After almost an hour he came and  from nowhere I asked him so what is you education status ? . he replied that he is doing BA from govt university and is in last year. Then he sounded ca bit low. I asked him what happened .he said I could have had been completed my graduation last year if a teacher who is in charge of submitting the examination forms to the university would have had accepted my form and let me give my exams.


I asked that why has he done so ?
He said that because he had no money to bribe him.
As he had 2 younger brother and one younger sister and his mother is a maid and he being a waiter in this hotel had no money .

The amount asked by that teacher was 3000/- INR which is almost equal to 30 euros or 50  US $ or 70 Australian $.

After listening all this he told me one thing that I am telling you not because I want something from you its just because I needed someone to tell what I was bearing inside and doesn’t matter what happens I will complete my education and I don’t have enough money to pay him this year also but I will go to university myself and deposit my form .

I felt as if its not only heroes are found on Marvel movies but heroes are everywhere. And I also saw that how cheap a human can be that for just 3000 Rupees he spoiled one year of a student.

It is my urge to everyone in power and position or to those who will have it in future that being a human is what that matters at the end so please do like a human should and live like a human should instead of animals.



      1. And I think you should try to live normally the way you like and the way you want independently because if he has to come he will or some one else has to come he will but if you won’t lead a good life you will loose yourself .. And I just want you to be happy .. So i hope you understand …


    1. He is earning 3000 rupee dear & if he gets this from 100 students then he earns 3 Lakh which is his Annual Salary.

      I just wish his son / daughter also face such situation one day so that he realizes..


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