The Story Of A Boy You Won’t Believe Part – 3

First of all sorry to my dear friends but I will not take this story too long & will conclude it here only .


So here we go :-

She was happy once again. This was not the only time when he made her smile but one night he was asked to recharge her phone as she was indulged in a healthy quarrel with her B.F and needed to talk to him . He was ready once again but this time it was winters at Chandigarh and the time was  near about 10:00 P.M . He went to the market in foot and was returning back when he was encountered by some goons who were chasing him and he noticed that but didn’t let them knew that he knows that they are waiting for him to go in the dark ahead so they can do whatever they wish to.

He just prayed in mind and started running as his house was just a KM away but that time the only KM was longer than miles travelled. But he did it he ran as hell .
Sometimes from this incidence date her so called sister stopped talking to him because she was not happy with her love life and broke up with his BF. He used to call her several times but she said she is busy and can’t talk to him. She will call him back when she thinks that yes she wants to talk.
He just wanted to know that what happened and wanted to make her smile her again away from the pain according to him she was having in her heart. But because of her problem and her thinking which made her to stop seeing the friendship she had with her so called brother , the only relation left was of brother and sister which him kind of annoyed and one day he called her again and again 40 times but this time instead of her , her dad saw her phone and he warned that guy about not to call her again. She than told him that she will have to tell her dad that you are disturbing me if you called me once again.
He was totally broken this time , he told this to her GF and she said to avoid her. But for the last time he tried to talk to her and called her , she didn’t picked and he called for about 10 times  . Next day it was her dad with her uncle came to the same camp where they use to come every week  and after there class her uncle gave him warning to not call her and if he did then they would have to make a police complain . This doesn’t hurted him , the thing that hurted him was when he came out of the room where her uncle and he was having conversation , he saw her standing nearby with a big smile as if she is happy in all this .

My friend confessed all this few days back when we , his today friends , celebrated the friendship day with him he told us how important we are to him and how alone he was when we weren’t there and how easily he was being used and thrown by someone he thought would be there as a mother to him throughout his life ….

He said I don’t believe when people say

” That elder sisters are the second mothers that we have on earth “.

I don’t know how to answer his this last line that just reverberates in my mind .


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