How to feel confident in life ???


I think we all need confidence to do almost all the tasks in life.
Facts say there are two kind of tasks.

First for which we need a basic learning and practice due to which our brain learns to do it throughout our life like learning to write alphabets or driving a car.
The second are those which we learn actually when we do them like speaking in front of a hundred or thousand people.

To perform the first one we need confidence but not much as it needs learning power more but to perform the second one we actually need a lot of confidence.
Also we need confidence to be us , to act freely , to enjoy ourselves and to say anyone boldly that I love myself.


According to me these are some basic tips to be confident :-

1- Firstly dress properly , look good and smell good.
2- Try to be an extrovert and silence breaker when you need to talk to anyone.
3- At work focus and analyze your self before focussing & analyzing others.
4- Be fit in health & hygiene to be mentally & physically sound.
5- Eat good food. Don’t go for junk every time.
6- Believe in you yourself first to make other believe you.
7- Be uptodate in what is happening near to you and around on earth.
8- Do your homework , always , as if this is going to be your face value to others.
9- Make good and trustworthy friends and respect them. Respect your elders.
10- Always have faith in God and take him as your companion, even closer than your life partner as he helps when no one can .


If you guys have any suggestions then believe me that I am waiting for them curiously.


4 thoughts on “How to feel confident in life ???

  1. I read something about being motivated just a day or two ago which good like this:

    ‘When you’re not feeling motivated to take action to accomplish something meaningful and worthwhile in your life, simply believe that your enlightened self, your higher power, or even your deceased self would want you to fulfill the objective regardless of lacking motivation!’


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