If you will google the number of frauds by hospitals & doctors you will get pages full of it. Not only its about a trend in just one country its happening in whole world.

Recently a month back i heard a news of my nearby hospital that they kept a new born a day extra on ventilator although he was dead a day back just for making some extra money.

If we will go into deep we will find that somehow the greed to be an owner of a villa , have 4 luxury cars & monthly earning more than a million is the cause of these frauds by the most noble profession.

Also it has been seen that some doctors to earn money first cure the disease a bit to relax the patient & then they aggravate it so that if the patient won’t be 100% cure then he/she will definitely keep coming.

When a news channel interviewed a doctor regarding these issues he said, the problem starts with the initial education system , where the competition to get the best college & then the fee structure & donations for management seats make there DOCTOR GRADUATION an expensive & horror story of there life. So to overcome all the things they did to become what they are today some of them choose the wrong ways to earn more.

But i am not satisfied with his answer as its not the case only with the doctors its with other graduates too but when its about life & death of some human being then money should not be  in the scene.

We should take precautions at our level , choose the positively reputed & an average hospital for the treatments , if possible go for other ways of medication like Homeopathy etc as it is also a very powerful cure & that too without any side effects.



  1. That particular case you mention, nothing has been proven as yet, Allegations against doctors are common, and these have led to violent attacks and even murder of doctors. Are all docs clean? Of course not. They aren’t heaven-sent angels, they’re as human as the rest of the public. Are some corrupt? Yes, many of them. Do they all deserve to be vilified? I don’t think so. Do you? All doctors are rich? You honestly think so? Do you know what the Punjab government is offering new entrants into PCMS? 15,000 rupees. Six and a half years of slogging your ass off and that’s what the government thinks is a fair salary. Does that lead some into corruption? What do you think?
    Homeopathy and other pseudo-sciences we’ll discuss some other time. 🙂

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    1. That’s why the people has to suffer coz we don’t want to rise against the process … So we have to pay for results … But I just hope that our coming generation is the change we need … I will be on my part and I just hope others to be too …


      1. There is no rising against the process, not when policy is decided by people who have no idea about what they are making frameworks for. A new amendment to CrPC plans to make it legal for the police to examine a suspect’s genitals and take DNA samples from there, both for men and women. So legally, you won’t be able to protest someone sticking a Q-tip up your anus nor any woman from someone doing the same to her vagina. And this is just one example of the tomfoolery that goes on in this country in the name of governance.

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