The actual challenge starts when you think that you can’t do it

After 3 months of getting drowned for about a mile in the mainstream of the river Ganga , yes , The Ganga , the one in news for lots of destruction in past due to its ferocious floods. I was like , swimming is the biggest necessity of life , so I started learning Swimming.


It was a challenge for me , the biggest challenge but my brother told me that it is such a sport which actually gives you strength physically as well as mentally as when trying to come up in water you actually learn to fight for your life , to fight for you , that is what sports teach is , to survive when you are loosing.

Finally after so many attempts I learned it and now its been an year and I now think that of racing with people and try learning new techniques.
According to me it was a journey of living and learning what you don’t know or you don’t want to or don’t need to but you should because its good for you and can be beneficial to society.

Sports are not just made for fun they play a big role in our life
they make us well behaved,
they teach us rejection handling,
they teach us how to overcome our fears ,
they teach us how to behave as a unit
also they give us the spirit to perform our best even in the last second with a hope to be a winner.

One should always remain involved in sports as they are actually the necessity of life to be a good human being .


4 thoughts on “THE CHALLENGE OF LIFE

  1. for some reason my srss subscriber failed and I missed multiple posts of yours
    better late than never
    learning swimming is a great metaphor, while smimming is something natural before our physical birth, and it is a part of the transition after we die (The Ganga) in between we sometimes forget how to swim…

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