O.M.G , my dear friends I am trying to figure out that why are we here on earth from past few days and here are some facts that I have found. Please don’t hesitate to tell me wherever you think I might be wrong.
” According to the analysis and experience of 22 years and 10 months on this earth and after knowing of about 10 religions I think that, We are here because we all are wrong or adulterated or unpure or dirty or unfit. This means that God exists everywhere as a belief when we believe and we instead of enjoying with him have been put to this earth to prove that we have become fit to be with him and religions are just a matter of path to realize this thing and reach our ultimate aim. It’s like we have been sent on earth as a fertile land and some of us use organic manure and fertilize there fields without any risk in future but some use inorganic fertilizers which spoil our fields in long run.


CONCLUSION : Simple thing to live gratefully is do what is correct and which does not hurts anyone physically or emotionally. Also remember God in every breath he has given you but don’t stop doing your duties or Karma because God can be remembered anywhere, anytime , its not necessary to go to a temple or church to remember God. It’s the duty or Karma which requires your physical presence , God needs only your mental presence and those who can successfully do this can do anything.


4 thoughts on “WHY ARE WE HERE ???

  1. This is a very imp question that we all need to answer at some point of our life and the answer is deep within each one of us. As simple as that. ..Do your karma with honesty and keeping faith in God. Rest all will be taken care of.

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  2. When God first created Adam, He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. The breath of life ministered to Adam’s mind, body and soul. He needed physical air to give his body life, he needed spiritual air to give life to his mind and to his spirit and to put love into his heart as well. Keep speaking from the breath of life as well as from the air that we all breath.

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