SOUND Challenge of Mon

This Post is in an answer to My Dear MON.


A fan moving, i love it in summers.

Cars Horn Blowing , making me sometimes feel as if i am not alone here.

Sound of my  Self , calling me to go and Study. (hahahahaha)

Sound of Silence , makes the mood perfect.

Sound of my Keypad , telling me that yes , you are writing.

Sound of MON in my head , Calling I won the Challenge , I won the challenge , with a song (tai ne ne ne ne) (hahahahahaha).

Anyone can Give this challenge to others .

The “rules” are pretty simple.

Sit down. Focus on the sound around you. Write down the first sound you notice. Write down the next. And so on and so on.

Don’t just write down what you hear but, try to put some feeling into it! Just try to isolate the sounds one by one. Whichever catches your ear first …..

You can challenge as many people as you want who you want to challenge by linking them or post on their blog! Give a reason as to why you want to challenge them. Use “sound challenge” as a tag.


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