How to Analyze that you Spent your day Right ?

I didn’t knew what went wrong with my past 2 days , so i thought to analyze and look what i found to keep our day on a correct and traceable path :addie3

1- Before Sleeping, write the 5 most important tasks of the day coming, even if its is doing exercise or rest, write it.

Also write 5 a bit less important tasks that you will be glad if you did.

Analyze next day that how many of them have been done.

2- Every one lives with some primary aims or goal , like to get fame , luxury , Good job , Good food, good marks , so if you     really think your aim is good for you and harms no one then WRITE DOWN ONE THING YOU ARE GOING TO DO  TOMORROW FOR THAT .

Analyze if you really did.

3- Write down all the wrong deeds, like Anger , Selfishness , Unreasonable fight , Abusing , reviling , harassing , unaccomplishment of your tasks that you did today . And also what you are going to Correct them tomorrow & also to  avoid them.

4- Did you prayed & thanked god for what ever he gave you. He gave us 1 when we demanded 10 , and we cursed him , have we thought about what will happen if he took that one also. Be grateful to god.

5- MOST IMPORTANT . Don’t over analyze and get worried. Live in present , what you have done , learn from it , avoid the bad & adopt the good , what is coming in future is not known so just prepare & develop yourself  but don’t worry as implementation lies in future not now. Focus in your SELF.


6 thoughts on “How to Analyze that you Spent your day Right ?

  1. I really liked this post and completely agree with everything that you shared here. I love keeping track of my goals (short and long-term) and making my weeks as productive as possible in working towards them. 🙂

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