How to Help yourself , others and stay happy ?

6af6fae503a64d1f49ab70dd73f10413How to help Myself ?

How to help others ?

how to make me & others smile ? …….

We humans , some good some bad , judged by our deeds, want to  help others , want to make them smile.

If we really want to do this in our life then we have to remember a few things. Some of them are like :

  • Remember if you want to help poor , then first don’t become one of them.
  • Try to get some time & walk down the streets to see the Actual state of the people living around.
  • Be ready to help anytime with what you have, where you are & what you can .
  • Some one Needs your help is the biggest reason to help them.
  • God watches everything.So do your deeds in such kind So you are ready to answer him anytime.


  • Taking a stand for them who can’t take a stand them self is the most brave & selfless act.
  • Helping weak will always make you feel better & strong.
  • Help Your self first in making you happy, because if you are not happy you can’t make others happy.
  • Don’t think that you are weak because you are not in news, because The god has a different newspaper than yours.
  • A human is in need of a human , materials just help us rejoicing our moments, they can’t give them life.


  • This life of ours is an alone journey , help the other passengers and ask for help in need.
  • If you can’t help anyone at least don’t hurt them.
  • Do taste your words before spitting them out.



19 thoughts on “How to Help yourself , others and stay happy ?

      1. i visited ur site it says the blogger deleted it … how can i check ur site if u deleted .. and its ok ..its between u and her .. what can i say .. i will like ur blog if i like for sure .. 🙂


      2. It’s not about liking the blog. Am not doing this for attention. We had a thing going and we broke up. It was her call. I left her. She blogged about me I asked her not to. But she keeps making veiled references. And when she garners enough sympathy from you all. She calls me up and says its my fault. It’s because of me that she has heart Dieseases. So I thought I’ll put it up on a blog and settle this once and for all. And the blog says it’s deleted because I had a blog earlier which I took down coz she promised she won’t blog about me. But she can’t stick to her words. So I put another one again.

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      3. She says am intolerant. That I have trust issues and am worthless moron. And This is not even the whole story. The things she put me through. I can’t even tell. Am once again reiterating am not doing this for sympathy or self pity. I just want the whole thing out.


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