hunger-slide1I never wrote poems but this made me write. We all are busy earning fame, luxuries, money. We all know the crisis this world faces yet we we don’t try to make a difference.Let’s go for my first poem. I hope you will understand it more than liking it.

It gives you life , it gives you smile,

it makes you cry for a while,

its the game of its own rules, who think they won are just fools ,

it makes us beg , it makes us a slave ,

it blows our ego , it teaches how to behave ,

it makes us king , it makes us thief ,

it makes an atheist to believe ,

we are the players of this game ,

yet the controls are not in our hand ,

i don’t know whats this game ,

but i heard it’s name , its called the Hunger Game …..

With each moment of success , with each step of glory , with each penny earned let’s try to make a difference.

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Let’s help those who couldn’t help themselves.Let’s give them a smile, Let’s give them a chance to live, let’s use at least 10% of the earnings we do to make a change. You all might just be thinking thatΒ  How ?Β  …. My answer is that we know better how to use our power, our savings, our abilities to make a change.

When we are committed to do something then our dedication finds the way on it’s own.

This change could be doneΒ  by donating our money to needy ,giving them our time, sharing our knowledge with them , teaching them , giving them food and a lot more ways .It’s Just such intentions are required instead of silly excuses.

I wrote this with a hope & feel that we all need a change but we should remember that the change starts with me.

Suggestions are always needed as i am still learning . Be open & speak freely. .. πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “HUNGER GAMES ….

  1. Hello, You write very well. I like your writing style. I’m surely looking forward to read more posts πŸ™‚ keep up the good work πŸ™‚

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  2. I really love this poem! I mean, the whole post is great but the poem really sums up the enitre purpose of the post. Did you write this poem in one sitting or did you draft it a few times first?

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    1. it took 50minute in one sitting .. and i wrote it .. actually earlier i wrote only romantic or u can say about girls .. but this time i was hungry and i realized that i cant stay 8 – 10 hours . some people stay hungry for days . so just i wrote that feel of mine on my blog …


  3. This is so awesome. Once again I can relate to you. My heart yearns to make a difference in this world, where it really matters. This my friend, is something that really matters!! I have made so many plans to contribute to this world and I realized, I couldn’t help anyone unless I helped myself first. When I’m finished with my degree I hope to be in a better position to do something that really matters and makes a difference. Maybe we could collaborate? Who knows..

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    1. yeah may be we can .. who knows the future .. hahahaha .. i have a plan .. but first i wanna make my mum dad happy .. i wanna do something for them … then all for the people .. and i pray god that give me strength for that …

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      1. I hear you loud and clear. I have to do for my family first and take care of some priorities. But I’m excited for what’s to come. If we put our minds to it, we can do it!

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