quote-about-when-you-try-to-control-everything-you-enjoy-nothing-live-in-the-momentLive in PRESENT …. That’s what most of the people say when u ask them how to stay happy .

What does that mean ? ….

Should i just stop stop thinking about what will i do after my graduation ?


Should i just stop thinking that how to give the presentation to the boss in office tomorrow ?

“Present becomes past and present a few moments before was future.”

The above line, read it aloud and think. Do this 3 times every Morning when you wake up. You will see the change in you & your way of perceiving things & situations.

Living in present means to do what ever you are doing in the best way as you can. Give your best shot. Also, sometimes it’s about performing & sometimes about preparing , so do both at your best. Example … Thinking of what i will do after my graduation will give me 2 – 3 options , however decision is pending till graduation. So this is like preparing for better results. But giving it a stress & being worried will neither let me prepare nor perform.So as a result i might get low grades in graduation and close some of my options my self because they required good grades & that i don’t have.So it means i didn’t performed.

“Happiness lies in our hand & rest the Time knows better.”

“LIFE is a coin with Good days & Bad days as it’s two  sides.”

Most people start worrying in problems. let me ask you would worry solves your problem ? . No . ? .

Then why to worry , if you believe god then just pray with a pious heart and start acting towards that problem early or late you will get out of it.

So Live In Present . Prepare .. Perform .. Stay Happy .

Hope this will help you … Be open & Suggest … 🙂


17 thoughts on “PRESENT …

  1. In Spanish, worry is “preocuparse” which can be translated as “pre-occupy” your mind. That is, occupying yourself before the issue is even there. I think that´s a cool approach to this as well.

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  2. I absolutely love the message of this piece! There is far too much hate and negativity around these days and it’s so wonderful to find someone who preaches the opposite!

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      1. The name tells it all man. Power of NOW, the present moment. It’s by Eckhart Tolle and it’s one of my favorites so I suggest it to everyone who has a hint of enjoying the present moment. Seeing at your post, I thought I must leave a suggestion here.

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