LISTEN ….. :-)

“Learn to LISTEN before you act , you will never get into a trouble”

“Every Good Conversation Starts with Good listening”

“Speaking is like telling what you already know 

but listening will give you a chance to learn what you don’t know”

Hey … today i just had an argument with my sister. She was leaving and she told me that before i leave i have to just do some tasks  like turn the t.v off, boil the milk,lock the door , etc , etc … but i just paused her and said ok i will do …. basically i didn’t listen her .When we came back at home the milk was still over gas and boiling and it was a mess in the kitchen.After that we had a fight of word’s , arguments, etc . After all this i was sad, she was sad and our parents were sad although it became alright in 2-3 hours but it gave us a moment of sadness in our day.

why did this happened ?

why we end up doing silly mistakes ?

why we always give our self some moments to be sad ?

The questions won’t end my dear. but yes the answer that would come out will be that We don’t Listen.

So my dear friends , A good leader is not only a good speaker but a good listener too.

LISTEN …   then  …THINK  … then  … ACT . 🙂


Share your views . Be Open . 🙂


11 thoughts on “LISTEN ….. :-)

    1. yes dear … actually listening gives you more power and happiness then just speaking .. also it is scientifically proven that keeping mum for 15 mins extra in a day can increase ur creativity and thinking power upto 25 % ..

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  1. This has a great message! Try not to use etc. though. You have great ideas so express them. Listening is one of the hardest things to do in our society, because we are constantly being distracted. One of the best quotes I’ve ever heard about listening is: “hearing with the willingness to be changed by what you hear.” Great post though! 🙂

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