“Kill the Regrets in your life , Or be ready to get killed by them”

“Don’t Regret things you have done,

                         Regret the things you didn’t do when you had the chance”

I don’t know that how much life I have. But sometimes I am not able to sleep because what I wanted to do with my day is what I am not able to do. Like : when I want to study and I am not able to due to any reason , that night I feel like I wasted my day . This regret don’t lets me sleep.

Now this is a very common example & has consequences of small extent but let’s get to the point that what will we do when this REGRET is of a large extent as if not just about wasting a day but a whole life. Like:

How many of us want to regret on the last day of our life that “I ended up living the life that the society wanted me to live instead of the life I truly wanted to live”. ????

How many of us want to regret on our last day of life that “Because I never took any bold risks, so I never got any bright rewards”. ????

How many of us want to regret on last day of our life that “I never inspired anyone by setting up any example” ????

I don’t think anyone would like to have that … any one ??

The only truth of our life is that we will die …for sure … 100 %.. Then why not to catch the glimpse of mastery in being human in the present we have & create some milestones of achievements some of being radically helpful to others & some of  being helpful  to us.

We all alone create the life we get to live. .. So just think today , so that we don’t have to regret tomorrow & ask this question to our self that :



SO , LIVE LIFE in such a way that you don’t REGRET in living that life. And when the death comes to you , then you must be saying that ” HEY, I DID MY JOB HERE. NOW PLEASE YOU DO YOURS.

🙂 …. 😉


26 thoughts on “REGRET’S

  1. I don’t think anyone is unable to relate to this. In America, there is such a culture of “Do what makes money, THEN do what you love!” We’re even expected to make something we love into a business to profit us by making money. Why does everything have to have a price tag?! It is very scary to break away from the “safety” of earning money and doing what is expected to do what we truly WANT to do. But for those who can and do, it’s incredible what you can learn from the experience.

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  2. Hey buddy. Love the tasty tea in the background and the topic you chose. Saw you on the community post. And if there’s anything valuable I have to add, it would just be to proofread. It will make all the great things you’re saying much clearer to readers. I think your about section should read something like “This blog is all about sharing the criteria of life. Live with a smile and help others.” Hope this was useful 🙂

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  3. This is by far, one of the best articles you’ve written. Simple concept, focus on how you want to live and put that vision into action. Just looking for more definiteness in your abstract ideas and also, examples from your life, how did this idea drive you into doing something worthwhile. I’m sure you held that part back. Next time, just don’t! Eagerly waiting for a continuation.

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