” Life is all about being alone ,

                                   The people we meet during it are just Moment’s.

And Moment’s don’t stay forever”  

So all my dear’s   Rejoice with everyone you meet and collect moments & collect people instead of collecting money &  things.

The best way to live in a moment is by helping someone in need selflessly. Believe me after doing that the feel we have is just out of this world. It will give you the real calmness

🙂 — 🙂


What do you say ???


8 thoughts on “MOMENT’S

    1. well in that case , thanx to my mum and dad …. it’s kind of genetically transmitted thing to me to be generous … 🙂 … so gud to listen that u do such a great thing …. 🙂

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      1. No, not necessarily. You have a heart and your heart is molded by you. Not genes. Your parents may be just as great as you but it takes a conscious decision every day to be that way. At any moment you could shut the world out and be cold. Your genes would still be the same, your heart wouldn’t. But let me say, you’re so lucky to have parents that are good influences.

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  1. True words of wisdom and I totally agree that we should all start collecting moments rather than money, people or photos. Instead of taking 100 photos what about Living in the moment and make true memories, true photos in your mind and you are absolutely right nothing brings me joy and happiness as helping someone … The feeling you get is priceless Anyways this is great 🙂 🙂 have a nice day 🙂

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