Some Exceptional Work

challengeSome exceptional work {SEW} doesn’t needs a title but we can only do it if we are not too scared to think , feel , explore & act. Actually ,  somehow these help us in being different. It may be possible that wherever we are , an SEW might have had been done in past & also it will be done in future , but the difference and exception we can make will be different from what has been done & what will be done because the gift of capability comes with a uniqueness to every one & what we require is just to explore , think , feel & act towards it.

                                                      We all have some different innovating & creating power in us, it’s just that we are not ready to play at the peak , which in fact means that we don’t try to lead  our self. Leadership , physically & psychologically , is a key to an SEW. An SEW is basically the challenge that exists where we are in present { example : for a student an SEW might be getting top most rank , for a graduate an SEW might be to get the best job , for a businessman an SEW might be to crack the hardest deal . }. But to accomplish this challenge we need to awake our leader & exercise it daily with various acts to learn and to do some uncommonly great.

NOW the Most important myth that some people have is that an SEW is money , fame , luxury, etc. But actually these all are just BY PRODUCTS of an actual SEW. Take any example of Big, Famous, Rich & best  scientist , doctor , engineer , businessman , sportsman , etc, what we see is that it is that Challenge which after accomplishment became their SEW and money , fame, luxury ,etc came automatically  to them as a by products.






2 thoughts on “Some Exceptional Work

    1. sure .. here only .. hahaha .. i am actually quite number in writing what can help others ? .. i mean i have so many thoughts … u have any suggestions then do provide .. rest i will definitely put some helping stuff like this for you .. 🙂


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